Hello winos my name is Konstantin bomb I’m a master of wine retailer and Consultant and this is my channel where We are thirsty for knowledge and wine And this channel has changed I took some Time off of YouTube and I decided to do This channel in English from now on I Just want to reach as many people as Possible and get them interested in wine And English is the right language to do That in but I’m sorry for the bad German Exit so this is wine and 10 will tell You everything you need to know about a Region or a great variety in ten minutes This time I want to talk about one of The most distinct and special wine Growing regions in the world the most so Let’s do this motor was once called Moses are movin because it consists of Those three rivers but now the bridge to Be unburied the ALP is only called Mosul The motor produces some of the most Highly regarded wines in Germany and It’s one of those regions that I’ve Found quite easy to identify in a blind Tasting this is because the wines are Super aromatic fresh have bright acidity And often come with some residual sugar But why do the wines taste the way they Taste so I kind of tried to answer that Question for you by looking at the History the climate the viticulture and Wine making and the geography of the Region so the Mosul has been producing

Wine for a long long time roughly 2,000 Years ago the Romans brought viticulture Into the region the first documented Winemaking started in seventeen BC when The Romans set up the city of tria when The Romans left the munster over Winemaking quite interestingly the Cistercians came from Burgundy to the Mosel in the Middle Ages and brought all Of their experience into the region this Is maybe also why the vineyards of the Mosel as postulated and Understood as the vineyards in Burgundy At the end of the 19th century the wines From the Mosel were more popular more Famous and more expensive than the top Wines from Burgundy and bottle still When you visit the Moser today some of The owners would bring out wine lists From that period and show you that the Mosel wines were actually the most Expensive wines on the lists in the 20th Century however the overall quality Decline and the quantity coming out of The Mosel increased quite significantly Things have changed since then in the Last two decades the quantity of Production has decreased in the Mosel And the quality has increased Significantly and the most expensive White wine in the world is a Mazal one Again the 2003 Egon Muller shots of Berger Tatiana’s laser which sold for 12,000 euros at an auction a few years

Ago today the region is dedicated to White grape varieties again 90% of all Vineyards are planted to white varieties But in the 18th century many villages Were still producing red wire and in the 19th century airplane was the most Popular grape variety covering roughly Two-thirds of all vineyards in the model Today Riesling is king though 62% of all Of the vineyards are planted to the Greatest German grape variety recently Has been cultivated in the Mosel since The Middle Ages so there’s a long long Relationship between the grape variety And the region and in the rivers of the Czar and the river actually more than 80% of all vineyards are planted to Reasoning distance second and third are Mullet roe go with roughly 10% of all Vineyards and appling with 5% of all Vineyards planted to that bread variety The Mosel is one of the most important Westrom Totenberg Abita in Germany with 8700 Hector’s when it comes to Viticulture the Mosel is quite special It has super steep slopes and it also Has the steepest vineyard in Europe the Brahmic almond the brahmic a moon is Super steep it’s very difficult to get Up there And it’s also very difficult to get down Again in one piece at least in those Deep vignettes a very common way of Drawing the plans is the Moser father at

Sea on where every vine has a port drawn And there are no wires the sites are Very rocky in most places and that is Why some of the areas don’t have any Flux around and you can actually plant Vines engrafted it is illegal though to Replant vineyards with undrafted ones But they’re still winemakers doing this I’m not naming names though so those Steep vineyards cannot be mechanized so You have to hand harvest and most of the Work in the vineyard actually has to be Done by hand in the cellar most of the Wineries don’t use new wood you would Use large oak fooders or stainless steel What makes the most of really Interesting is that you have a big big Diversity of different styles so you Have more and more dry wines coming out Of the Mosel but when it comes to sweet Wines you have the whole range from Cabinet to trot and barrels laser when It comes to geography the Moser is also Very interesting so 400 million years Ago during the Devonian period the Moser Was actually at the bottom of an ocean The soils were compressed as the plates Moved around under enormous pressure and At very high temperatures and the Moses Lake developed the slate is very fine And you can actually break it between Your fingers this has actually been a Piece of slate from the shots of back From one of a gondolas vineyards there’s

Also rile it which is a type of volcanic Soil in the town of music and there are Sand ma chalk and quartz oils in Different parts of the Mosel they’re Actually six different sub-regions in The most of all but the three most Important when it comes to quality are One band caster or the middle nozzle Most of the really well-known vineyards Actually located in the middle most Famous vineyards include Otsuka vodka Bank Estella doctor or ad not happy it For example most of the vineyards are Steep slopes with red blue or gray slate And two of the top producers for example Dr. Lawson and JJ proof Number two is the groover which is the Smallest sub region in the Mosel and the Vineyards are purely on Devonian slate Soils it is at a higher elevation and The wines are very fine and elegant with 88 percent of Riesling the river Actually has the biggest share of Riesling in the Mosel and two famous Wineries from that part of the model are For example canto a wolf and maximum Queen house so number three is the czar The czar produces very h worthy wines And it has 83 percent of Riesling Planted in their vineyards arguably the Most famous vineyard in the Mosel the Shots of park is located in Lazar and Two famous producers from the Czar Egon Villa and fanfiction so when it comes to

Climate the Mosel is also very special It’s a very cool climate a very cool Continental climate and winemaking or Vine growing is mostly only possible on The steep steep slopes right next to the Rivers the steepness of the slopes Actually maximizes the impact of the Sun On the vine and the river moderates the Climate and reflects some sunlight back Into the vineyards this is the reason Why the Mosel is actually able to Produce very complex very flavorful Wines at low alcohol levels and a lot of Freshness so that most of this is super Interesting wine reached and no question About it but it is very difficult to Farm those steep vineyards and make wine Out of them so quite a lot of the Winemakers actually are not able to make As much money as they should in order to Maintain the business that they are Running so it is down to you and me to Drink more Mosel wine and make sure that This very special region is being Conserved for the future so thanks a lot For watching if you liked the video then Please like it down here or down there Wherever subscribe to my channel if you Have any comments questions or any Suggestions on topics that I need to Cover next time please leave them in the Comments my question of the day is what Is your favorite Mosel wine so please Comment down below I really enjoy this

So I hope I see you again next time Until Then stay thirsty [Music]