New York Region Guide: Everything you need to know

New york has famously brutal winters and It looks nothing like california and yet It is a top producer of wine in the United states How is that so Hey what’s up it’s madeline puckett from Wine folly and today we’re diving into Everything you need to know about new York wine Let’s take a look at this region taste Its wines and discover new york’s little Secret New york has around 35 000 acres of Vineyards which makes it about the same Size as oregon If we back out to the state as a whole You’ll see there are six major growing Areas and 11 official avas The finger lakes relies on 11 glacial Lakes to moderate extreme temperatures We see everything from riesling to Cabernet franc planted alongside these Lakes Long island has a maritime climate Moderated by the atlantic ocean What’s surprising is that the climate Here is similar to bordeaux and thus We’re going to find some great merlot And cabernet sauvignon and definitely Some blends The hudson river valley receives Atlantic ocean breezes up the river and As you go north it gets colder so this Is where we start to see more native and

Hybrid grape varieties like civil blanc And noire The great lakes have many great growing Sweet spots along lake erie and niagara We’ve seen some real potential with Pinot noir along with concord Finally lake champlain is a proving Ground for cold climate wine varieties Which i need to talk a little bit more About Of the 35 000 acres of vineyards in new York nearly 30 000 are dedicated to Native and hybrid varieties like concord You might have never heard of concord Before but you know it it’s the peanut Butter and jelly grape it is a native Vitus labrusca species and it’s suited Perfectly for new york’s winters it’s Actually what established the new york Wine industry back in the early 1800s If you want to know more about the wines Of new york wine folly has an incredible Guide you can find wines discover the Producers and learn more about the Region head over to Here we have a selection of new york’s Popular wine styles riesling chardonnay Cabernet franc and sparkling wine Let’s taste them to find out how new York’s climate affects these wines This is the 2020 hermann j weimer Riesling from seneca lake Hermann j weimer pioneered planting Vitus vinifera wines in the finger lakes

Since 1973. As the story goes weimer saw cherries And peach trees planted alongside the Lake which is a clue that winegrips Could grow here the winery has long been Known for riesling which is basically The grape of hermann j weimer’s homeland In the mosul valley in germany Color Pale straw Nose Lime peel Green apple rose petal Honey Petrol Wow Lots of acidity on the palate these tart Fruit flavors and this whiff of honey In new york you’ll find a range of Sweetness levels in riesling from bone Dry to very sweet if you don’t see a Sweetness indication on the front check The back label there’s often a sweetness Chart there This is the 2020 wagner vineyards Reserve chardonnay from finger lakes Wagner vineyards is another finger lakes Pioneer starting in 1979 and now farming 250 acres of grapes they make all state Grown wines Color pale gold Nose Starfruit Green apple

Vanilla bean Crushed rocks Hazelnut This wine is very lean and green and has High acidity on the palate but we can Tell it was aged in oak because there’s This nuttiness and creaminess that comes Through on the finish Chardonnay is another grape that can Handle growing in a cool climate when You find chardonnay wines from cool Climates like these they tend to have More citrus and green apple flavors Another thing that’s interesting about This wine is it says it’s a state Bottled on the label that means the Producer controlled the grapes from the Vineyards to the winery and into the Bottle from start to finish and the Winery and the production happen in the Same american viticultural area as is on The label This is a great way to find high quality Wines from new york This is the 2020 herman j weimer Madeleine vineyard cabernet franc from Seneca lake Color Medium ruby Nose Sweet macerated cherry Red pepper flake Crushed gravel Raspberry

Rose petal Wow On the palate this wine has Lifted acidity and an elegance there is This tension between ripe fruit flavors And earthiness And unlike california reds it’s not Super heavy on my palate and rich it’s Lighter and brighter in long island and The north fork there are many vineyards With cabernet sauvignon and merlot Planted making excellent rich bordeaux Style blends And in the finger lakes along seneca Lake and cayuga lake these are the Deepest lakes and they do not freeze in The cold winters which allows these Grapes to survive This is the non-vintage brute nature Sparkling wine by sparkling point in the North fork of long island sparkling Point is a sparkling wine only house on Long island with a wine maker from Champaign and it’s true that the climate In northern france is very similar to The climate in new york and this Producer grows only chardonnay pinot Noir and pinot meunier which is exactly What you would find in champagne Color Pale gold Nose Green apple Marzipan creme fresh

Crushed rocks Ginger When we think about new york and this Climate that they have here and how Similar it is to northern france it’s no Surprise that the sparkling wines can Taste Very remarkably similar if you’re Looking for fine sparkling wines from New york pay attention to how the wine Is produced there are several methods to Make sparkling wine this one is called Method champ noise or the traditional Method which makes the finest styles as Much as these wines are unique in both Variety and style together they have This vein of acidity and minerality that Comes through from the region’s glacial Soils ultimately this is the terroir of New york and how you’ll know it on your Palate i hope this video gives you Confidence to explore the wines of new York and for that you’re going to want To check out the new york wine region Guide available at There were more wines that i coulda Shoulda woulda tasted let me know your Favorites i’ll be watching for your Notes in the comments below and as Always if you love wine and want to Learn more subscribe we’ve got more good Juice coming your way Until next time happy tasting peace out [Music]