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Hey what’s up it’s madeline paquette From wine folly and look what just came Within We’ve got some wine going back All right this is the 2019 bone white by Via creek sellers in paso robles California And here we have the 2019 chardonnay by Jordan winery from russian river valley California I kind of want to take a moment here There is this stereotype about Chardonnay where it’s actually started a Whole movement called abc or anything But chardonnay apparently people do not Like some chardonnay because of its Buttery taste Well what ab sears fail to recognize is That buttery flavor we might find in Some chardonnay is actually caused by a Wine making process called malolactic Fermentation See after the fermentation these little Microbes come in and they gobble up Malic acid and they poop out lactic acid And that acid conversion is what gives Wine its creamy buttery yum yum taste So given this information we can assume That this wine might be a toasty buttery Bomb And i’m curious to find out so let’s try This one first Now you might have heard of jordan Winery this is a well-established winery

In alexander valley sonoma producing About a hundred thousand cases per year And this is their flagship chardonnay And it’s sourced from california’s Favorite hunting grounds for chardonnay Russian river Valley Color Medium gold Nose Yellow apple preserved lemon cinnamon Toast Grapefruit Apple blossom Whoa This is not a butter bomb This wine has citrus aromatics and Bright acidity on the palate and when we Look up the wine information we can see That only 32 percent of this wine went Through malolactic fermentation and that Means we’re not gonna have all those Oily Buttery textures on the palate which Brings me To wine number two Bone white was sourced from western paso Robles in adelaide district where villa Creek has had their own biodynamic Vineyard since 2001 called maha estate The grape varieties used in this wine Are actually quite rare claret and Roussan originating from the southern Rhone valley of france now in france

However you would almost never find Claret oat and that’s because the oak Would remove those light floral aromas And delicate flavors This however just based on the bottle Size alone i’m starting to wonder if oak Was involved Let’s find out Color Deep straw Nose Honeydew melon green apple Pie crust Buttermilk tarragon Oh my gosh they oaked it and it’s Actually really well balanced so there Are a couple of things going on in this Wine that are worth mentioning we’ve got Oak And mlf Oak adds those aromas of pie crust and Because oak is porous it oxidizes the Wine a little bit which removes some Fruit and floral characteristic in Exchange for this nuttiness Mlf our little mallow buddies they give That flavor of buttermilk that comes off In this wine and on the palate it Removes some of that sharp acidity and Exchanges it for this oily rich texture On the palate So here’s an example of a wine that’s Not chardonnay that’s got a little bit Of a buttery style most white wines

Don’t get oaked because we love them for Their delicate fruit flavors and high Acidity Of course There are grapes out there that can Handle losing some acidity and floral Aromas for these fascinating secondary Flavors and textures from oak and our Little mallow buddies So ultimately it’s not a question of Whether you or not you like chardonnay It’s about the wine making processes and That’s why we try to include a qr code With every tasting so you can geek out About these finer details I hope you enjoyed this week’s unpacked And if you love wine subscribe we’ve got More coming your way Until next time Happy tasting Peace out Hey what’s up it’s madeline we’re always Looking for real wines with amazing Stories find out how to submit yours at Winefolly.com