OLD vs NEW – The battle of the WINE WORLDs

Hi i’m konstantin bauer master of wine And there’s a battle going on between The good and the bad light and dark fire And ice the old and the new world well Not really but there’s quite a lot of Confusion when it comes to the Differences between new and old world Wines today i’m going to explain what Lies behind these terms and i’m going to Compare wines from the new world and the Old world in a blind tasting face-off to See whether i can spot the difference So let’s go The oxford companion defines old world As europe and the rest of the Mediterranean basin such as the near East and north africa there are other Definitions that say only europe is the Old world but we know today that Winemaking originally started along the Borders between asia and europe the term New world therefore describes everything Else the americas australia and the rest Of africa and asia new world wine Production started in the 1500s during The age of exploration and the colonial Area when european settlers discovered The rest of the world but what are the Differences between the two worlds when I practice for the master of one i Usually started my blind tasting Funneling process by asking myself is This a new world wine or is it an old World wine because there are stylistic

Differences between the two in very General terms old world wines are often Made in a more traditional way premium Wine production is of more small scale And the wines can be less clean in Contrast the new world is experimenting More and uses advances in science in Order to produce wines that are more Tailored to current market trends on top Of that wineries tend to be bigger and There’s less of a focus on small-scale Vineyard selections remember i’m Generalizing here but the notion of Terroir the sense of place evident in The wine is more important in the old World than in the new world you Therefore find more references to Specific vineyard sites on old world Labels on the other hand the grape Variety is more important than the new World and it is more likely to appear on The label over there that said the world Is changed i feel it in the water i feel It in the earth I smell it in the wind Sorry i just watched the lord of the Rings for the 14th time but it’s true Winemaking in the new world really has Changed over the last few decades there Are more producers focusing on producing Lighter and fresher wines but there are More and more rich and opulent wines Coming out of the old world so before i Really get myself into trouble with all

Those generalizations let’s start blind Tasting leon picked pairs of wine made From the same grape variety but one is From the old world while the other one Is from the new world so let’s see what I can identify the grape variety and the Origin and hopefully you can learn Together with me i gotta add here if you Want to learn more about wine then Please do subscribe to this channel it Really helps me out and yeah just join This amazing community so let’s start The tasting while number one will be in The left glass for me and wine number Two in the right glass and i can Actually pour two bottles of wine at the Same time Impressed to be honest this will be Easier because i know that we’ll mainly Taste international grape varieties but Knowing leon he probably also snuck in Some Weird wines Let’s see this is a great start both Wines show really well they’re actually Quite similar they both smell of lemon Zest Wool a little bit of wax they also have Slightly oxidative Nutty notes so they’re quite interesting On the palette they have good body Richness And lots of freshness so the acidity Oops i almost kicked over that glass but

Yeah the acidity is super lively and Refreshing this is not an aromatic grape Variety i think it could for example be A chardonnay it could also be some other Grape varieties but to be honest i Already pretty much know what it is it’s Shena in my opinion and very typical Shena it has these waxy woolly notes That you really only find with really Good shena So i think they are both shannas so next Up is where are they from in my opinion They Seem kind of similar to be honest i mean They are Quite similar but i think this one is Actually a little bit better a little Bit more concentrated a little bit more Pronounced and a little bit more dirty It has more grit And this is a little lighter and more Clean So Maybe this is the old world one and this Is the new world one To be really honest i also saw that this One is a screw top so That kind of puts it more likely into The new world but there are lots of Screw-capped wines Also made from shinner that come from The old world but What really points me to the old world Is this gritty

Nutty Wild flavor there china is at home in The lora and i still think the best Expressions are from that region and i Think this is better than that that’s Another point here i would rate this 91 Points well this is 88 points in my Opinion both really good to outstanding Wines but this is just a bit better Let’s look so i’m trying to pull them Down at the same time but this will be Difficult but let’s see I can’t do it so First this It’s jenna it’s from the lua it’s a s And it’s really good so this should be New world and it is it’s clove street Old vines chenin blue from malinois In south africa Also a very good producer so Both wines beautiful this just a bit Better So the old world takes it this time And i was right before i continue with The tasting i want to thank the sponsor Of this video shaker and spoon the Attentive viewers of this channel know That i recently got more into making Cocktails and shaker and spoon is a Great way to try lots of special Cocktails without having to buy tons of Ingredients it is a monthly cocktail Subscription box each box contains three Recipes themed around one spirit like

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Coming through so definitely not an Aromatic grape variety More on the lemon zest flavor wine Number three shows a little bit of oak French oak a little bit of spice but not A lot and on the palate is actually Quite lean and refreshing so there’s not A big body wind number four in my Opinion even leaner even fresher Almost no oak flavor or no oak flavor And i think if it was only for wine Number four i probably wouldn’t even be Able to find the grape variety but i Think this is chardonnay i think this Feels like chardonnay but really fresh And lean chardonnay chardonnay in the New world is an interesting topic there Was a time when chardonnay is from the Us from australia and other parts of the New world were very opulent very oaky Very rich and concentrated and then the Pendulum swung back and now there are Quite a lot of really lean Fresh and slightly green chardonnays Coming out of all those countries and This Feels for me more like one of those Stars really well made but very tuned Down very early pick grapes and very Much on the freshness there’s a very Careful handling with the oak and with The leaves so there’s not so much leaf Stirring going on here to make it round And creamy this feels more like a new

World star made in the new wave way the New wave chardonnay way And this must be old world Where could the wines be from In the new and the old world I’m not really sure if i’d had to guess I would say this is from california it Feels like something really well made From santa barbara for example down in The south of california or from the Sonoma coast so both areas that are very Much influenced by the pacific and are Therefore quite cool and there are also Lots of really cool producers there new Wave younger producers that make really Exciting fresh wines this Could be from many places in my opinion Um In the old world i don’t think this is From burgundy it doesn’t feel like Burgundy i don’t think it is from A really warm climate so i would Probably say that this is from central Europe it could be german But i haven’t tasted many german Chardonnays in that fashion it could be From austria it could be northern italy That to me seems more likely So let’s have a look so i’m going to Start with wine number three because i Felt a little bit more confident about This wine And it is It is from california it’s mathiason a

Producer that i know fairly well that Produces very light reds and whites in California in some areas that are more Well known for rich and opulent wines But this is from napa So not a classic napa chardonnay more of A fresh and edgy chardonnay So this should be from the old world Then but where in the old world that’s The big question Ah Okay so it’s from austria and it’s from The zuchider mark in austria they call Chardonnay And there’s some really good chardonnays Coming out of austria nowadays i don’t Taste that many to be honest and this is A yeah a particular style in my opinion Very fresh very tuned down wine i think Quality wines the ones are fairly close Together but the mathias in my opinion Is better so the new world takes it this Time i would rate this 90 points and i think this is an 87 Point wine very good but Yeah it lacks a little bit of complexity In my opinion this is a very nice Tasting so far now let’s move on to the Next set same game different wines One five on my left One Six on my right this is another Interesting pair and wine number five is Definitely the banker it has these

Pronounced eucalyptus notes which Directly take me to australia i’m fairly Sensitive to that flavor and this for me Is very australian when it comes to the Grape variety wine number five also Gives me more information than my number Six it is pretty light colored so There’s a very short list of International grape varieties that are Red and light colored and i think from That list i would pick grenache as the Most likely option This is also a little bit spicy quite Rich round velvety the tenons are a Little Yeah they have a little bit of bite so This doesn’t feel like a pinot noir at All For me the other one that could Definitely also be a ganache a different Style of grenache maybe but um Not an untypical grenache for sure so i Think this is a grenache from australia I would put it in mclaren or barossa but Let’s just go with barossa here and i Think this one here could be a grenache From france not a high-end grenache from The southern rhone for example they tend To be blends anyway But I actually think this feels more spanish To me i would say this is Maybe From terra alta in spain a really

Interesting region pretty high located That produces grenache that are a little Bit finer a little bit more restrained This feels a little bit more edgy fresh And lively so i would say this is terra Alta in spain but now let’s have a look So i’ll start with a new world wine or The one that i think is from the new World and it is Peter lehmann The barossan grenache so i was spot on Right here And the other one wine number six Is Prados collection garnacha from campo de Borgia in spain Not too bad so this is spanish grenache From the old world obviously and this is The new world example from australia Two really nice wines I think there’s a quality difference Between the two This is more high end i would rate this 90 points while this is More Yeah A little bit less high end i think this Is an 84.1 Really fruity fresh and well made But not necessarily a great grenache so Here comes the last set of wines and the Last time that i tried to pour two ones At the same time I think i’m getting better and this

Feels like it’s going to be the most Challenging blind tasting The wines don’t really scream at me Straight away what they are there’s no Banker here in the lineup they both look And feel kinda similar a really dark Colored Quite expressive fruit flavor blackberry Cassis spice notes on the palette They’re both rich grippy lots of talents I think eight is more structured has More tannins while seven is a little bit More mellow and round But this is difficult so let’s start off With a list of grape varieties that are Options it could be syrah it could be Cabela’s own it could be my bag it could Be Merlot Maybe in a mix with cabernet sauvignon And That’s maybe it after letting them Breathe for a little bit things are Becoming a little bit more clear to me This is quite spicy a little bit Herbaceous but this is really fruity Plush So Because of that the spiciness the Grippiness the harsh tenons the tenons That are more pronounced i’d actually Think this is more likely the old world Wine and this is from the new world when It comes to the grape variety i think

This could either be cabernet sauvignon On my back but the talents are so Pronounced and the color is so dark and There’s this slightly purple rim that i Often associate with my back my back is Widely planted it’s planted in many Different places so it’s definitely a Likely contender and cabernet sauvignon Is very rarely produced as a single Grape variety in the old world so yeah I’m more on the my back side of things i Think this is from the new world and i Would say it’s from argentina argentina Has become famous for producing great Mild bags this is certainly a pretty Good one i rate this 90 points i think It’s quite interesting quite exciting as A wine This wine feels like the old world wine For me and my back is at home in the old World in kaur a region that has really Concentrated on this grape variety that Is now producing more approachable wines As in the past the wines tend to be very Grippy very tannic Almost impossible to approach when they Were young and now getting more Approachable but this is still quite Pretty grippy a little bit harsh but Also really well made i rate this 89 Points so let’s see whether i could Finish the streak with this tasting Oh man I

I had the grape variety right but i Actually Am wrong on the origin damn it so this Is from argentina and this is from kawai I had the right origins but in the wrong Place so i thought this was from kawa Well this is From was from argentina so i completely Messed that up even after tasting these Wines again and again i still have the Same feeling that this is more Structured while this is more plush And this is probably because kawa really Has learned how to handle my back in a Way to make it more approachable so this Is actually fairly soft well this is From salta in argentina a region that is Pretty high up at high altitude and Produces a little more restrained Structured reds but also quite fruity Aromatic white ones And this is tannic and grippy and a Little bit harsh so this feels more like The color to me at least Than this But that’s just kind of my impression of Those two origins and this is kind of Eye-opening for me Interesting wow this was an awesome Tasting all of the wines really showed Well and it was fun putting them into Different categories trying to find out Which is which it also showed me that i Don’t always get it right and that the

New world and the old world are maybe Not as clearly defined as they used to Be so it was fun but also humbling my Favorite wines in the tasting were the Saumur claude midi Both really great wines i also quite Like the peter lehmann by rossa grenache And i know that i definitely have to do An australian episode at some point i’ll Do that i promise so thank you for Watching i hope you enjoyed this video If you did then please like it down There and subscribe to my channel my Question of the day is what do you Prefer old world new world One word please comment down below let Me know I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty [Music]