Olivia Edmund 2018 Cabernet Sauvingnon, Napa Valley

Here we have Olivia Edmund 2018 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon I love the story Behind these Olivia Edmond wines so Olivia was working at a Napa Valley Restaurant and pouring a gentleman some Wine at the bar who ended up being Edmund and uh they ended up falling in Love and creating this this beautiful Wine and that's sort of their goal Behind These wines is that they Inspire Love for all that uh Have the opportunity to taste it This is 2018 2018 is a phenomenal Vintage near perfect 99 points According To some and All of these you know well-made Cabs that are coming at an app from 2018 Have been just fantastic so we've been Fortunate enough to Oh God Source uh This is sort of a handful and oh my Lord This is just Delightful red cherry a lot of a lot of Powerful red fruit even some Strawberry No no pomegranate but it's also got some Of that Black currant a little hint of that Cassis really pretty floral notes Rose petals There's Oak but there's not a ton you Know so there's that hint of vanilla Little hint of clove But but fruit is yeah definitely uh

First and foremost here let's tasty Wow this is a really complex wine uh Primary fruits you know come front and Center again mostly red fruits same red Cherry strawberry some black fruits The the spice that's coming out here Um a little bit of black pepper a little Bit of eucalyptus a little hint of that Green pepper that just adds that Complexity tannins are still young and Uh gripping not astringent because Everything is coming together here Really in Balance you have you know high Fruit concentration high tannins of the Alcohol is in check acidity on this wine Is great I mean it's almost Mouth-watering this is going to be a Beautiful wine to age because you have All these high levels of all these Different structural components this is Another Tremendous value from Olivia Edmond when You think what Napa cabs of this quality Can run and you see what the uh with the Everyday price we have on this one is so Uh so hopefully you'll you'll fall in Love with uh with someone while while Drinking this one too just like uh Olivia and Edmond cheers enjoy