Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and in this video you Will learn Everything you need to know about the Most influential grape variety in the Wine world Pinot noir [Music] So what is pinot noir pinot noir is one Of the oldest and most widely planted Grape varieties in the wine world it’s Also one of the greatest varieties When it comes to expressing its origin Its so-called terroir In the wine glass pinot noir likely Originates from burgundy where it was Also known as morion Vernat and marianne its story is a great Example for how Politics can influence the fortunes of Grape varieties in the world Philip ii duke of burgundy was probably The most influential person in the History of pinot noir He passed the law in 1395 that basically Outlawed The planting of gamey and made pinot Noir the Most important red grape variety in Burgundy in history two of the most Influential wine making groups in the World Were probably the benedictine and Cistercian monks from burgundy

And as they worked with pinot noir it Really helped this grape variety To reach its full potential what i find Really fascinating about pinot noir is That if you look at the family tree of All vitis vinifera grape varieties Pinuno is actually the ancestor of many Other famous Grape varieties in the wine world and It’s also one of the three Original vitis vinifera grape varieties Guest blonde Savage and pinot noir some of the most Famous natural crossings between guest Blonde and pinot noir Are chardonnay gummy and ogsoro but Pinot noir is also the father Or mother of surah vioni gaganega te Holdigo And la grain there is a little bit of Confusion when it comes to pinot noir Pinocchio and pinot blanc They’re actually mutations of the same Grape variety so they have the same dna But have slightly different Characteristics pinot noir Has dark colored berry skins whereas Pinot gris has slightly gray colored Skins And pinot blanc has white or green Colored berry skins But now let’s look at pinot noir in a Little bit more detail So pinot noir has those small compact

Berries that are shaped like a pine cone This is likely where the name Pinot noir comes from diseases spread Quite easily In those compact bunches which is a Problem but this is not the only reason Why pinot noir is difficult to grow It buds early which makes it acceptable For spring frost And it is also very picky when it comes To the side You need exactly the right conditions to Produce high-end Pinot noir but still many ambitious wine Makers from all around the world dream About making a great pinot noir and this Is why pinot noir is planted in many Different countries But unlike for example cabernet Sauvignon it needs very specific Climatic conditions It can’t be too cold because otherwise The grapes wouldn’t ripen but it also Can’t be too hot because then Pinot noir would lose its fruit its Freshness and its character So the number one country when it comes To pinot noir shouldn’t be a surprise It’s france with 32 000 hectares planted To this grape variety Even though the pinot noirs from france Are really famous the grape variety only Represents four percent of the total Plantings

So grape varieties like merlot and Grenache Are far more important when it comes to Quantity the home of pinot noir is Burgundy and 11 900 hectares are planted to this grape Variety By the way the most expensive bottle Ever sold was also a pinot noir from Burgundy It’s the 1945 romani quantity which was Sold on auction For 550 000 us Dollars this is a bunch of dried up Pinot noir grapes from the very same Vineyard but i doubt that anyone would Pay half a million us dollars for it If you would call me pretty much on the Same level when it comes to pinot noir Production the champagne with 11 800 hectares planted to pinot noir but If you also want to include The pinot mutation pinot meunier Champagne Is actually the most important pinot Producing region In france but most of the wines Obviously are sparkling wines So if you want to learn more about Champagne and its wines just Click on the link i’ll link it up Somewhere up there and check out my Video on champagne The second most important country when

It comes to pinot noir and now the usa The grape variety has boomed over there Over the last few years And this was partly triggered because of A movie called sideways That was released in the early 2000s the Movie is about two friends who travel Through the wine region santa barbara to Taste some wines and one of them Really loves pinot noir oh it’s flavors They’re just the most haunting and Brilliant and Thrilling and subtle one and hates Merlot And if they want to drink merlot we’re Drinking my love no if anybody orders Hello i’m leaving pinot noir is now the Fifth most planted grape variety in the Usa with 25 000 hectares Of vineyards california plays the Biggest role as a state for the Production of pinot noir but in oregon Actually is the most widely planted Grape variety overall The third most important country when it Comes to pinot noir is germany with Eleven thousand seven hundred hectares Planted to this grape variety Pinot noir is also called spidburgunda Over here and it’s the most widely Planted red grape variety In the country the quality has improved Quite significantly due to Global warming but also due to a focus

On quality In the vineyard and in the winery over The last few decades The most important region for pinot noir Production is baden Ahead of the false and reinhesen but Pinot noir is now planted in many Different countries and they are great Examples from places as diverse as new Zealand australia south africa chile Or northern italy so let’s talk about Glass and pinot noir pinot noir Needs big glasses to fully express Itself it’s a little bit like an opera Singer If you have an opera singer singing next To you in an elevator that’s no fun at All but if the same opera singer Is singing the same song in a big Beautiful opera house You can really enjoy the music and That’s kind of the same for pinot noir And big glasses young penumbra smells of Strawberries raspberries And cherries and if the wine is ancient Bricks and most high-end pinot noirs are Ancient bricks you also have flavors of Chocolate And smoke coming through on the palate The wines are more fresh and vibrant And are in general not as tannic as for Example cabernet sauvignon When the wines age they change their Aromatic profile completely

They can smell of mushrooms or forest Floor and can be really exciting And very different due to the lighter Color the aromatic flavor profile And the lighter structure pinot noir is Often misunderstood there’s Also an issue with pinot noir in the Entry level segment of the market Merlot cabernet sauvignon and surah Often deliver much better results in This Entry level segment but i think most Wine geeks would agree that pinot noir Produces some if not The greatest red wines in the wine world Thank you for watching if you like this Video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already i want to see more Subscribers so please Do subscribe to this channel my question Of the day is What are your experiences with pinot Noir do you like pinot noir or do you Not like pinot noir at all please Comment Down below i hope i see you guys again Soon until then Stay thirsty [Music]