Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and today i’m going to Talk about One of the biggest success stories of The last decade a wine that has become Synonymous With cheerful sparkling wine i’m going To tell you everything you need to know About portugal [Music] The root of the word prosecco is not the Italian word for dry sacco but rather The slovene word prosecco which means Path cut through the woods the wine Prosecco got its name from the village Of prosecco which is now a suburb Of the city of trieste in the northeast Of italy right on the border with Slovenia Winemaking in this region goes back to At least the first century And the name prosecco became popular as Weinstein in the 1500s In other parts of friuli venezia julia And also the venator Back in the days the poet aurelian Akanti even raved about the melaromatico Prosecco which could be a reference To the aromatic apple notes that Prosecco is still known for It is however very unlikely that Prosecco back then was at all similar To the prosecco we know today the Technology that was required to produce

Today’s prosecutor was only invented in The late 19th century And early 20th century but i will talk About this a little later In 1970 a prosecco igt was first Established in order to regulate the Production of the wine In the region and only in 2009 a Prosecco doc Was put in place this is kind of Surprising because the docs have been Around since 1963 And prosecutor is such a well-known wine Today establishing a regulatory Framework through the dlc really Increased quality in the region but it Also ensured that the brand prosecco is Protected Just like with champagne and other Sparkling wines people from outside of The region were copying the style And were putting misleading names on the Label having a protected designation Really ensured that producers were able To avoid others From jumping on the train and selling Their wines as prosecco In order to do this producers also had To rename the main grape variety The grape variety was commonly known as Prosecco and as you cannot protect a Grape variety from being planted Elsewhere They gave the name gleera to the grape

Variety and shows the name prosecco for The region Instead two subregions of the prosecco Doc were also awarded docg status The docg conigliano vallabiadena doesn’t Really roll off the tongue does it And the docg are solo within the Konigliana valdobiadena dlcg there are Also special classifications For the small region of cartitiza which Produces very high end proseccos And for the river which are 43 special Sites For some reason i thought for a long Time that the region where prosecco is From is not particularly exciting but i Was absolutely wrong The region is stunningly beautiful and Some of the vineyards are really steep Terraced slopes that have very special Viticulture The conigliano valdo adena hills are Actually classified as unesco world Heritage sites but also other parts of The region Are really really beautiful prosecco doc Can be produced in the beneteau and the Friuli venezia julia and they’re roughly 30 000 hectares planted in total foseko Can only be produced from the grape Variety clearer but other grape Varieties can also be used in the blend To a maximum of 15 percent such as ediso Gliera lunga

Pereira and also the international grape Varieties chardonnay and pinot Glia is a grape variety is mainly used In sparkling wines and it’s not a Particularly exciting or expressive Grape variety as a whole In prosecco it however works okay i Mentioned earlier that modern prosecco Was only possible After a few inventions in the cellar Were made the most important one was the Pressure tank Until the 19th century pretty much all Sparkling wines were fermented in bottle Just like champagne for example If you want to learn more about Champagne check out my video on the Region i’ll link it up Somewhere up there in the late 19th Century an italian named federico Martinotti invented a process With which you were able to ferment wine In a pressure tank And capture the co2 in the wine this Method is much easier and cheaper as the Wine can be controlled quite efficiently During fermentation And the yeast can be cleared off the Wine very easily after the fermentation Is done The french oneologist eugene charmat Also developed a process to make Sparkling one In pressure tank in the early 20th

Century the french and europeans Therefore call it the charmat method While the italians call it the Martinotti method it’s the same process Though So now we know that the process for Pretty much all proseccos is a first Fermentation in stainless steel And then a second fermentation in a Pressure attack the only notable Exception is prosecco colfondo where the Fermentation takes place in bottle And you basically still have the leaves In the bottle when the wine is being Sold on the shelf So when we talk about stars prosecco Becomes really interesting and a little Bit confusing they’re basically Three main styles the first one is the Prosecco tranquil A still one that has to have less than One bar of pressure Those wines do exist but they are super Rare and they are very rarely exported The second style is the prosecco Fritzante a semi-sparkling wine With between 1 and 2.5 bars of pressure So roughly how much your car Tire should have those wines are Generally the cheaper version Of prosecco and they represent roughly 16 percent of the total production The third and most widely available Version of prosecutors prosecutors boom

And Those ones have to have more than three Bars of pressure have to be sealed under Cork And a little graph the little wire cage On top of the bottle And those ones represent roughly 84 of The total production In the region if you ever wondered what Happened to wines with 2.5 To 3 bars of pressure the sparkling wine No man’s land I recently found out that those wines Actually have to be discarded because They can be categorized And therefore can’t be sold crazy when It comes to the taste of prosecco the Most important factor is actually The sweetness level two-thirds of the Production are sold as extra dry which Means They can have between 12 and 17 grams of Sugar this doesn’t mean that the wine Tastes sweet It tastes fresh and fruity but there’s Some sugar in there 30 of the production are sold as brute So they can have less than 12 grams of Sugar And the rest is sold as sweeter than Extra dry There’s also a new sheriff in town a new Wine style coming out of the region Which is prosecco jose proseco jose can

Be sold since the beginning of 2021 and those ones have to be a blend Of glera and pino nero I’ve tasted a few prosecco roses thus Far and they are fruity and aromatic And i’m pretty sure that they will be a Big success in the market prosecco is Often looked at as a not so serious one And i think that’s actually a great Advantage for the region The wine is refreshing lively and Authentic And you don’t have to think too much About it to enjoy it and that’s probably One of the big reasons why It has been so successful over the last Few decades it’s also a great food Companion which is often missed i’ve Been experimenting quite a bit With prosecco and food over the last two Years and it goes really well With seafood with creamy sauces and with Deep fried Dishes so you should definitely try that Thank you for watching if you liked the Video then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already I’m ready to hit 3000 subscribers so Help me out here But whatever you do stay thirsty [Music] You