Pym-Rae Tesseron Estate 2016 Tasting with Noe Tesseron

Welcome Marshall Tilden with wine Express and we are here with our Esteemed co-owner of Pimray Noe testeron welcome thank you so Much so we have the 2016 primre that We're going to be tasting here today and Uh maybe you can tell us a little bit About the the wine here yes so 2016 is The first vintage property primary we Actually purchased it in January 16th so It's a very exciting and important Message for us and you know it's nested On the top of Mount Vidor in Napa Valley 1600 feet of elevation and it used to Belong to Robin Williams yeah but he Never made wine so 16 is the very first Wine made at the property mainly Cabernetes So a lot of freshness from Longview There very drinkable very elegant wine And since day one I found with Organic And biodynamic farming and dry farm so No irrigation and what's amazing you're Just telling me is that 30 40 percent is Aged in concrete yes so the idea is Really to preserve this fruit uh this Touch of freshness to have a bit less Makeup some a lot of wine that we get From The Vineyard don't need to be Worked on as much we build but still you Need some Oak so about 60 70 French and You get some of that Vanilla some of the Clove nodes but uh certainly the uh the Black fruits that it sees I mean the

Freshness as you say is really what Emanates from the last year it's all About those Aromas you know that that Need to be elegantly put and what we try To preserve is to have this kind of Touch of Kojak of Elegance for A Touch Of Elegance of finesse but of course It's a wine that represents it's the wow You can feel the sun it has highly Concentrated fruits it's a beautiful Wine bringing a Pantene to Napa well Yeah Cheers Cheers God you keep saying the word fleshness And the freshness of the fruit here even On 2016 with bottle age Is really front and center uh beautiful Mountain fruit beautiful uh Dusty Mountain time it's easier the tannins Kind of Linger on the finish here always Very creamy yeah Beautiful Wine Not much left got a Handful of bottles so make sure you grab The 2016 while you can cheers right Cheers thank you hello Thank you