Q & A – How does a Master of Wine make MONEY?

Hi my name is constantin baum i’m a Master of wine and today i’m going to do Something that is a bit out of fashion On youtube this video is for the Community i’m going to tell you what is Going to happen on this channel this Year and i’m going to answer your Questions i asked for your questions on Instagram and on youtube and i received A couple of hundred questions so i won’t Be able to go through all of them in This video but i’m going to try to Answer as many as possible so Let’s go [Music] My last year on youtube was pretty Exciting i tasted some awesome wines Failed and succeeded in different blind Tasting challenges and i played around With new topics and new formats some of My videos generated quite a few views And they introduced my channel to a new Audience it grew more than 10-fold over The past 365 days and i’m very grateful For your support it was my goal to get To 10 000 subscribers at the end of 2021 And at the beginning of last year that Seemed like an impossible target but by A combination of luck and your support We actually made it to 10 000 Subscribers by the middle of last year Many of you are recommending the channel And are sharing my videos which is Really cool i’m going to make sure that

You’re getting even more exciting videos In 2022 this is going to be a busy year For me personally and professionally but I said no to many opportunities in order To make sure that i can focus more on Youtube and keeping you entertained so Hold on to your hats and or your glasses As the channel has grown i know Sometimes get hundreds of comments on a Video which makes it difficult for me to Keep up with your questions in this Video i therefore want to answer some of Your questions in detail there were some General topics that are grouped together And i picked one question representative Of the category i’m going to answer but I also picked some random but Interesting questions the questions are From my youtube community feed that you See when you’re subscribed to my channel And from my instagram account so let’s Start answering them So we know luke asks i’m curious how do You make a living as a master of wine This is a very justified question Obviously it depends on the master of Wine some are working in the trade Others are working in media and others Are making wine i personally am involved In different businesses i have my own Online retail company miner laser de i Run the wine program for one of the best Hotels in germany the burenas park hotel And i’m the education ambassador for the

California wine institute but i’m also Working as a consultant or a speaker for Different organizations youtube for me Is more of a creative outlet i spend way More money on this channel than i make From it but that’s fine i really enjoy The community here and i want to educate People about wine plus it gives me a Great opportunity to open some great Bottles of wine and taste them so that’s Fun that said if you want to support me You can either continue watching my Videos and liking them which is great Already but you can also go to my Patreon account which is linked up below This video and all of the money and that Goes into that account is used for Making more more exciting more Interesting more engaging content on This channel next question bastia alito Asks when you become a master of wine do You still have things to accomplish Well i became a master of wine at a Fairly young age so it would have been Terrible if i wouldn’t have anything Left to accomplish there are so many Things going on in my life right now so I can’t really go into detail on all of Them right now but my main mission is to Make the world taste better and there Are basically two components to that First of all i want to make sure that There’s great wine available in Different places in all of the places

Where people consume wine and the other Element is that i want to teach people How to taste wine better and that is Obviously a really crucial element here On this channel i want to show people How to approach wine which ones to taste Which ones to discover So yeah overall the mission is to make The world taste better so this question Is on food and wine and it received Quite a few likes dog killed cars asked When we talk about food and wine we tend To focus on good pairings are there any Flavor clashes we should be aware of Sure there are some really important Clashes that you should avoid and i Think in general it’s actually even more Important to know what to avoid than Which matches work perfectly because in Many cases i just pick wine and then There’s food on the table and i try to Make it work So what doesn’t work at all in my Opinion is really sweet food with dry Wines so you have a really sweet dish Try to pair it with a dry wine that Almost never works what also doesn’t Work is high alcohol wines with spicy Food doesn’t really work in my opinion The wine will burn your mouth so you Should avoid that another thing that Doesn’t work is if you have a really Rich dish and a very light wine for Example a stew and a very delicate white

Wine or the other way around if you have A really rich and concentrated Australian shiraz and try to pair it With a poached fish like a poached soul That doesn’t work at all in my opinion So you should avoid doing that what you Should also avoid is very acidic food And wine if you have a very vinegary Salad or pickled vegetables for example You’ll find it difficult to match that With a wine the next question comes from Aden nobunaga and it is what are your Favorite bang for your buck wine regions So there are quite a few and it also Obviously depends on the producer but When it comes to sparkling wine for Example i really think that cremon de Loire offers great price quality ratios So there are some amazing sparkling Wines coming from there that are pretty Cheap when it comes to white one i think Germany still offers great value even on Different quality levels even the best Ones i think are often still fairly Cheap but mosul and farz for example They offer really good quality for Comparatively low prices so definitely Seek out some of those wines and i would Also go back to the lua again i think When it comes to still white wines the Lua is super cheap and there’s so many Exciting shenanigans and sauvignon blanc Coming from that region when it comes to Red wine i have to say spain and

Portugal when you go to the classic wine Growing regions like rioja or duro You’ll find some amazing wines at fairly Low prices even though those regions are Really well known but if you’re more Adventurous you can find some Outstanding wines at even crazier prices Like for example the d la universal that I tasted on this journal a few months Back i have a few cases in my stock now Because i really like that wine the next Question comes from someone i actually Personally know matthew hawkey a fellow One youtuber who writes why do you think There have not been a lot of successful Wine youtubers and that’s a great Question i don’t really know the first Person to do it with gary vaynerchuk at The very beginning of social media and He became quite famous with his wine Videos but there hasn’t been anyone else Who was as successful as gary was today There are some really good wine channels Like matthews or wine king for example All the stuff andre mac is doing over at Bon appetit but there is still room to Grow i think as a wine industry we have To be where the people are and i think There is not enough educating and Interesting content with regards to wine And i think that is really my role i Want to produce exciting content about Wine get people engaged interested in Wine educate them help them on their

Journey alice gifford asks if you were On death row which one would you choose As your last drink That is a tough one normally if people Ask me which is your favorite wine i Would say the last one that completely Surprised me from a different grape Variety or a region that i’ve never been In Because it got me interested in learning More about wine traveling to that place And so on and so forth but as i am on Death row i don’t have the opportunity To travel anywhere and don’t really have A lot of opportunities to learn more so I would probably pick something that Reminds me of the good old times and The wine has to be there for the wine That opened my eyes to How exciting and interesting wine can be And that was francois la mars From burgundy great pinot noir And i would probably just drink that and Cry and then Die i guess Gary mccormick asks what is the best way To practice identifying aromas and wine That’s an interesting one i mean we used To roam through the wild pick up stuff And smell and taste it in order to make Sure that is actually food and that is Not poisonous or gone bad Today we go to the supermarket and every Banana looks the same and if you’re in

Doubt you always have like a sign Telling you what the fruit is and This has caused us to lose the ability To really identify things by the smell And the taste so you have to practice That it’s in your brain it’s possible But you have to practice it smell stuff That you find in your apartment or in Your fridge but what you can also do is Buy something like lenee du verm which Is like an aroma set with different wine Aromas and practice on that I actually prefer Creating my own library of scents of Smells you just use spices herbs Other things spirits Put them in small bottles and then smell Them blind and try to identify them the Next question comes from john Quireishi i hope i’m saying that right What long-term effects of global rising Temperatures do you think there will be On areas such as burgundy and mosul Climate change will impact all wine Growing regions continue to impact all Wine growing regions but Some regions have actually benefit from Climate change i think germany as a Whole has benefited over the last Decades because wines tend to be riper More expressive and there was actually a Period in the middle of the 20th century When some areas really struggled to Ripen their grapes like for example the

Mosul today that isn’t really an issue Anymore i think you’ll see more wine Growing regions Pop up in the north of europe or in Other areas that are too cold right now I think the hotter regions will struggle A little bit but there are ways to adapt To climate change without moving the Vines you can plant new grape varieties Obviously but you also can do quite a Lot of things in the vineyard with Regards to the canopy making sure that The fruit is shaded more for example or That you have less exposure to sunlight The next one comes from blurts and it’s If you had to study to be a master of Wine all over again would you do it the Answer is yes of course i would the next One comes from jiggle jingles and it’s How can just for fun wine drinkers Recognize good quality in wine that’s Tricky i mean obviously i made quite a Few different videos on that topic Already and i think still I haven’t really explained how to do it I think on one hand there is your Personal preference so if you like wine When you taste it it’s a good wine by Definition but only for you the other Thing is objective quality and for that It gets a little bit more tricky you Need to have experience you need to know What quality is in a given region and as A whole in the world so you leave out

Your personal preferences and you really Focus on the quality of the wine itself In reference to other examples of that Type from a given region or from the Wine world as a whole so my personal Most important factor of quality is Actually balance Wine needs to be in balance a great wine Needs to be in balance one example that Explains balance is if you grab a lemon And bite into it that’s not a pleasant Experience at all but if you take that Same lemon squeeze it out add some sugar To it add some water to it dilute it Down maybe add some herbs to it and then Drink it you have a great lemonade that Is a lot of fun to drink that is Refreshing Lively but isn’t just sour so that’s Balance if you add other elements that Balance off the negative aspects of That single element to the drink that You’re drinking the next question is From vickyjack01 What are the best most valuable Questions to ask a winemaker while Visiting a vineyard that obviously Really depends on what you want to get Out of the visit but if you want to know Whether a winemaker is making great wine You should probably ask them how much Time they spend in the vineyard i think That is really crucial for making great Wine a winemaker that spends his day

In a winery doesn’t really make the best Wines they need to know what is going on In the vineyards and you should also Look at their hands i think I like wine makers that are really Hands-on that do things With their hands that really work the Land and work at the winery and don’t Sit in an office so if they have big Thick fingers and hands with lots of Calluses they’re probably making pretty Good wines so look at their hands first So thank you for watching i hope you Enjoyed this video and i hope i answered Most of your questions if you have any Other really pressing questions comment Down below and i’ll try to go through Them again In more detail My question of the day is What do you expect from this channel in 2022 comment down below i hope i see you Guys again soon until then stay Thirsty [Music] Hmm