Recommending three white wines for Christmas 2022

Foreign [Music] [Music] Selection for Christmas will inevitably Include a Chardonnay because I love Chardonnay and because it's such a Versatile wine for Christmas comfort With everything from can I roast chicken Or turkey through to scallops or vichys This year I've rung the changes so no Chardonnays instead I've got a couple of Sauvignon blanc wines I'm kicking off Um with the Villa Blanche 2021 now it comes from the longer doctor In the south of France and it's for sale At eight pounds 99 in waitrose So uh the wine benefits from a position That has influences from both the Pyrenees Mountains and the oceans of the Mediterranean and Atlantic which kind of Bracket it which helps give freshness Down there in the South not a place that We traditionally associate with Sauvignon blanc on the nose It has a lovely kind of medium style of Kind of Sauvignon it's not too Herbaceous it's not too green it's not Too tropical it's got much more of a Kind of melon and ripe apple and can a Real kind of slightly peachy freshness To it on the palette Foreign Ly that lovely ripe and juicy kind of Fruit character and with good acidity

Even a little hint if I can assaultiness There but nothing too aggressive more I Would guess in the style of a canola Wire sauvignon blanc than a New Zealand One but um a well-pitched really nicely Made wine and only eight pounds 99. My second sauvignon blanc before we move On to something really quite different Is the iconic cloudy V this is the 2022 Brand new release for sale in a lot of Places Um about the cheapest price I can see For it's around 22.50 you'll get that in Majestic and ND John and a few other places but lots of Places have it between 2250 and 25 Pounds a bottle So iconic and overused words but it has To apply to cloudy b a wine that for Many people kind of represents a whole Region a whole style a whole country in Terms of wine and um I've been drinking This stuff tasting this stuff for over 30 years and although it's had its ups And downs I think it's currently on Really good form it has been for quite a While now so this 2022 Will absolutely ramps up all the Aromatics from the first Sauvignon that We had all of that kind of elderflower Pungency those herbal herbaceous Notes Too and lots and lots of tropical fruit Lychee and mango in the mouth Foreign

Those tropical notes it does have that Streak of limy kind of freshness but It's dry it has a lovely acid balance Too which gives it much more gastronomic Appeal than some of the cheaper versions Of Southern unblock from the Marlborough Region in New Zealand Um a fine effort if you like that style Of Sauvignon and you want to Splash out A little bit this is the Cloudy B 2022 Sauvignon Blanc Now A Touch of real class to finish off My selection for Christmas this is Shenan Blanc it's from a domain called Thai or Loop in the uh little war Valley The north of France and this particular One comes from a smallish Appalachian Called Mo Louis and the winemaker jacket Blot is one of the kind of Trailblazers They are making great wines and this With a little bit of age on it is also The 2017 Um version of his of his Remus Cuvee So it is Shannon Blanc Um very carefully grown the crop levels Kept very very lowly yield so that the Vine has concentration The Grapes of Concentration and it is aged in French Oak and barriques so a slightly Different kind of style if you like from From there in the lower and then an Absolutely fabulous wine it's about 22 Pounds 50 roughly per bottle from

Justerini and Brooks That I have some other stockists lists Of those at the end of the video So on the nose A fabulous kind of waxiness kind of Waxed lemon rind a hint of um kind of You know the old waxed partial string That you used to get all of that's in There plus really nice apple fruit but Fresh Ripe Apple not tart green apple then on The palette Well that Barrel aging has added some Creaminess to the aroma and the palette And that's lovely kind of nutty Cox's Pippin fruit just absolutely Mouth-watering And it's such a delicious wine this one And it is versatile so your roast Chicken or turkey this will work but Again if you're having fish and seafood At any point of your meal it will work Also it's a it's a classy and lovely Wine and although it's got five years Under its belt it will age a little While longer too Is my final Choice my white wines for 2022 Christmas [Music] Thank you