Recreating the MOST FAMOUS Wine Ever

Master of wine and today I’m going to Drink the wine Jesus had during the Last Supper I mean no I did not find the holy grail And it still had two thousand year old Wine in it but I’m going to dig deep Into the history of wine in order to Find the recipe for the most famous wine Ever consumed Let’s dig [Music] One of the most fascinating aspects of Wine is that it’s so deeply intertwined Into our culture a very important reason For that is it’s immensely strong Relationship with Christianity the word Wine is mentioned more than 200 times in The Bible and no other plant is Mentioned as often as the vine in the Bible even God was described as a winner Carefully looking after his vines in Order to make sure that they carry the Best fruit the first thing Noah did After stranding with this Arc was to Plant a Vineyard and he was also the First person to get drunk from wine According to the Bible at least arguably The most important person when it comes To spreading the interest in wine was Not you Johnson Robert Parker or jancis Robinson it was Jesus Jesus is coming Out party as the Savior and the first Miracle he ever performed was when he Turned water into wine at a wedding in

The village of Cana at the Last Supper Jesus decided to hold a vessel filled With wine that later became the holy Grail and he said this cup is the New Covenant in my blood with this he Created one of the most important Rituals in the world and the reason for Religious people to plant vines wherever They went in order to celebrate the Eucharist but even if there are lots of References to Wine there’s very little Information in the Bible on what this Wine actually tasted like so let’s find Out but before I dive deeper into the History of wine if you want to learn More about wine then please do subscribe To this channel the button is down there It’s super easy That’s it at the time when Jesus lived Wine was already widely available the First traces of wine production date Back to 6000 BC so wine was by no means A recent invention back then the Romans Ruled large parts of Europe Western Asia And Northern Africa and they took the Vine wherever they went they even Imported and exported wines from the Different regions and maybe Jesus even Had access to the most famous wine of The time the fallonian the falernian was A deep amber colored white wine that was From the region of Campania and was Pretty alcoholic apparently But it’s rather unlikely that a poor

Carpenter’s son would have been able to Afford this one the Roman scholar Plinidad who lived roughly during the Same time as Jesus was one of the first Wine experts ever he had written about The quality of wine had written about Dry and sweet wines and even described What we would call terroir by analyzing The quality of different Vineyard sites His approach to rating wines and Vineyards was pretty close to what we do Today suggesting that the wines might Have been fairly similar to our wines But he spent most of his time in Italy While Jesus lived in today’s Israel so What were the ones in the Holy Land like Archaeological evidence from Israel Suggests that wine was also fermented Grape juice back then but people added Things in order to flavor it things like Pepper honey resin or herbs and other Fruit even a Polish team of researchers Followed Roman winemaking practices in Order to make wine that should taste Similar to a wine from Jesus’s time they Added pepper cinnamon cardamom and honey And they concluded that the wine was Sweet and intense and they actually had To add water in order to fully enjoy it To me this sounds more like malt wine Than what we would call wine today but Anyways while it was pretty common Amongst Romans to dilute their wines It’s not so clear whether Jesus would

Have done it there’s quite a lot of Evidence suggesting that Jews would have Frowned upon it also in the Bible Talking about the city of Jerusalem see How the faithful city has become a Prostitute she once was full of Justice Righteousness used to dwell in her but Now murderers your server has become Dross your best wine diluted with water According to Dr Patrick McGovern a Leading expert in ancient wines the People of Jerusalem liked rich and Concentrated wines they found a jar Labeled wine made from black raisins Suggesting that the wine was made in a Similar style to amaroni but they also Found just labeled smoked wines and very Dark wine suggesting that there were Different categories of wines we don’t Know for sure whether Jesus said white Or red wine both wine studs were Available back then but this metaphor With blood and so on really just works With red wine so what was the wine in The Last Supper like it was probably red It was probably spiced and sweet it was Probably faulty because people just Didn’t have the equipment back then to Make red Flawless wines and it was Probably not the best wine from the Region because of Jesus’s standard of Living I don’t think he would have had One of those marones style wines just Because they must have been quite

Expensive to make back then and he Probably just had the basic option all Right let’s do this I was thinking about Which one to pick and first I thought I Might use a one from Israel but I Decided that probably would be too good So I’m using this one that I made myself In my basement not using any additives So it would be fairly similar to what People would have made back then I got Some flavors here I got cardamom I got Black pepper I got cinnamon and honey And I got this vessel which looks a Little bit like anaphora so I’m going to Mix it all up in here and then we’re Going to see whether I’m going to Survive this I have no idea how they did It back then but I’m just going to grind Up a little bit of of those Spices Just to make them more easy to extract From the wine or cinnamon sticks are hot Why So I don’t really know how they would Have done it back then but I’m just Going to grind this up a little bit to Make it more easy to extract the flavor It’s beginning to smell a little lot Like Christmas Oh wow and I’m just going to throw this In and pour the wine on top and yes I’ve Used this as a spittoon before not to Forget the honey Is that enough I don’t know while the

One sits here let’s talk about drinking Muscles the Holy Grail became legendary Over the centuries but it’s not really Clear what the term actually means There’s even this Theory suggesting that It means Royal Blood and if you’ve read Dan bronze Da Vinci Code you know all About it hundreds of vessels I believe To be the Holy Grail but no one will Ever really know what is really clear is That Jesus did not use a glass as glass Making was still in its infancy at that Time and there were no wine glasses Available most likely it would have been A flat ball looking more like a soup Bowl like this made from clay or stone And it probably wouldn’t have enhanced The flavor of the wine and there were Certainly no varietal specific bowls Back then I think I believe I’m not sure but yeah I I’m pretty sure looking at pictures of Old Roman drinking vessels this was the Closest I could get the shape is pretty Much spot on but the material is not Quite the same as the one Jesus had but Now let’s taste this stuff in order to Get all of the small pieces out of the Wine I’m just pouring it through this Sieve which is made of stainless steel So shouldn’t impact the flavor of the Wine and here we have a nice cup of wine Looking at this I already find this Quite funny I mean never had a wine from

A cup like this from a bowl like this But now let’s taste it It smells pretty good it does smell like Christmas it smells like mulled wine it Smells like cardamom pepper well Cinnamon the flavors that I’ve added It’s not bad and the fruit flavor is Also there Let’s taste it It’s quite a bit less sweet than I would Have expected it to be it smells like Mild wine but it tastes more like a dry Red wine it’s really dry Obviously I don’t know for sure what the Exact recipe would have been This is kind of dry the honey I should have added a little bit more Honey properly not bad it definitely Tastes better than I would have expected It to taste It’s quite a Wild rough expression and the flavor of The spices Adds another dimension to the wine I Mean you often find cinnamon and pepper Notes in a wine and here you can Actually base that on the fact that you Added those spices to the wine it’s not Bad it doesn’t make me feel holy if That’s what you’re thinking about Definitely doesn’t but It didn’t kill me so thank you for Watching if you enjoyed this deep dive Into the history of wine then please

Like this video down here subscribe to My channel if you haven’t done so Already my question of the day is what Other historic wines should I try to Recreate here on this channel let me Know down below I hope I see you guys Again soon until then stay Thirsty [Music]