Review of Abbotts & Delaunay, Viognier 2019 white wine from France

A few years ago i was a little bit Skeptical about the vionia grape And not so much from its homeland in the Northern rhone valley Uh but more from wines that were being Made in other places around the world The onya had become a little bit trendy But a lot of the wines Were 40 and a half percent alcohol were Very very Ripe quite blousy quite kind of heavy And it weren’t really my cup of tea nice For a s Sip and a sniff but not nice to drink a Whole bottle That picture seems to be changing and a Lot of good viewing makers now have Learned to kind of Temper that grape a little bit keep the Alcohol down a little bit Maybe keep it slightly less ripe giving All the flavor and all the aroma But with good freshness too here’s a Great example this is the abbotts and The delaney Vionier 2019 vintage it comes from the Longer dock in the south of france And it’s for sale at nine pounds 99 in Majestic Although typically with majestic if you Buy six Mixed bottles from them the price of

This one falls To just 7.99 and i’ll tell you at 7.99 It’s an absolutely cracking bargain So abbotson delaney specialists from Down there in the longadoc region This 100 percent violente and on the Nose Are classic beyond the perfume and it is Perfume rather than just aroma There’s kind of downy peach skins There’s apricot there’s some Floral notes in there a little bit of Lee’s aging has added just a touch of Kind of yeastiness to it add a bit of Interest But it’s pure it’s that lovely summer Fruit in the glass Really very appealing and on the palette Again it does the job really well There’s a kind of limited Richness to this wine thirteen and a Half percent alcohol so it’s not Too heavy but there’s a kind of richness To the texture That fruit is there that beautiful focus Of those stone fruit flavors But very very fresh very good acidity i Can a blast of orange in the acidity to Really lift the finish And a delightful wine have this with Some tapas maybe i think it’s quite Broadly food friendly once again And a lot of the whites i’m choosing at The moment are as in

It has the freshness for white fish or Seafood It has the weight for chicken or maybe Some pork medallions with a mustard Sauce Um delicious wine this is the abbotts And deloney The on year 2019 it’s in majestic stores At 9.99 Or 7.99 if you’re buying six mixed Bottles from majestic This is my wine of the week [Music] You