Review of Ad Libitum Tempranillo Blanco 2018

My weight of the week this week is a Weight reoffer Know what yoga itself is still Relatively scarce on a UK wine shelves But this is a particularly rare example It’s made from a grape called Tempranillo Blanco which is not a white Wine made from a red grape or a black Grade which is entirely possible our Blanc de Noir this is actually made from A mutation of the Tempranillo grape We’ve discovered a few decades ago by Our University And it is a white-skinned mutation of The classic Tempranillo grape and it’s Making now and the occasional winery is Making white wines from it I first Tasted it about 1011 years ago from Bodegas Valdemar and the first when I Came across and I’ve come across a few Since but this one’s a particularly nice Example this is the ad libitum Tempranillo Blanc or white Ryoka it’s The mate 2018 vintage and it’s for sale From wood winters wood winters calm a Twelve pounds per bottle no the wine has 12 and half percent alcohol picks nice And fresh and early not aged in oak but I think it must have had some Lee’s Ageing because those are bred to this Wine and which I think comes from a Little bit of contact with the Lee’s on The nose that little hint of kind nutty

Creaminess I don’t know wild yeast was used to Ferment this I think is entirely Possible and also just a pristine set of Aromas citrus orchard fruits very clean Very crisp with that creamy edge and on The palate It’s a striking wine because with 12 and Half percent alcohol It still has breadth and weight palate Weight and I think maybe there’s a Little bit of tannin here which could be Part of that Tempranillo kind of a Genetic connection a little bit of town And giving it some grip but again that Lovely straightforward but very pleasing Fruit that is clean crisp juicy acidity And makes for a really nice drink and a Gastronomic drink and great with fish And seafood I think this one but I’d Love to partner this with something like Anna creamy or pasta or creamy risotto To the guys the acidity to cut through That and that lovely fruit quality so This is the ad libitum white Rioja Tempranillo Blanco the 2018 vintage for Sale from Wood winters at 12 pounds per Bottle It is my wine of the week [Music] You