Review of Adega de Moncao Alvarhino wine from Portugal

Foreign [Music] Of March so we know that summer is Somewhere just around the corner uh time To think again about a lovely fresh Crisp and lower alcohol white wine in This case an alvarino from the menu District of Portugal which means it's a Vino Verde this particular wine is the Adega de monsau alvarino 2021 and it's Priced at 12 pounds 50 from the a Portuguese specialist So I think of the mansao is a Cooperative seller in the monsau and Melgasso District the very far north of The menu specializing to a certain Extent in the alvarino grape which is Exactly the same as Albarino just across The border in Galicia in the north of Spain and this particular wine they Always produce a great wine this Particular Co-op a really a Leading Light amongst Cooperative sellers this Particular wine Herbie ozoni fresh but there's fruit too There's very ripe Pear but you know fresh clean cut pear And apple fruit but all those little Nuances that are uh flit around the kind Of core of this wine make it doubly Interesting then on the palette Shrieks with freshness Again that little lick of salty ozone Kind of character to this but the fruit

Is abundant lots of it beautifully Pitched great acidity and what a Terrific Summer Wine this is twelve and A half percent alcohol so you know it's Going to be great with them Fish and seafood it's Portugal we could Match it with something like sardines Fresh sardines or maybe a piece of macro Also but a really delightful wine a Great example of how Portugal does the Alvarino grape just like spindles the Albarino and a good price for this wine My wine of the week is the Adega de Monsal alvarino Vino Verde 2021 vintage Available from for 12 pounds 50 per Bottle and my wine of the week [Music] Thank you [Music]