Review of Alejandro Fernandez, Pesquera Crianza 2018

Our wine of the week this week is Chosen for wine reasons it’s a really Good wine But also i guess for slightly Sentimental reasons this is the pascuera Tinto 2018 it comes from roberto duero In spain And it’s for sale at around 21 pounds From tanner’s and a number of other Retailers I’m going to put a little list of the Independent retailers stocking the wine At the end of the video now i say Sentimental because The square is one of the great wines of Spain and it was Made and created by a man called Alejandro fernandez Who became a real kind of icon of Spanish wines And who died just a couple of weeks ago Um he was a good age 88 i believe And died peacefully in santa and there In spain But um i think it’s nice to be a little Homage To alejandro as well as recommending his Wine So it’s a tempranillo wine aged french And american oak So the recipe i guess is something like A modern day rioja style Um but it’s a style all of its own

Because the ribera del duero Terwar is a little bit different from Rioja not that far from it But a wine with them with lovely quality On the nose Well there’s a little bit of a kind of Floral lift to this Plenty of cedar plenty of nice ripe Plummy Juicy fruit quite a lot going on in the Wine aromatically That aging in oak barrels adds a little Bit of kind of vanilla to it But it’s not too strong it’s really About the fruit then on the palate Lovely copious sweet fruit kind of Floods the mid palate But there is some structure to this wine The tannins are Very very fine they’re kind of chocolate Fine tannins Along with good acidity a little bit of A kind of cherry-ish acidity That nice underpinning of the oak and it Gives you a quality Red wine a really good quality for a bit Of lamb or a bit of steak And also wine that will age i think you Know a good 10 years ahead of this wine in the Cellar if you choose to do so This is the pasquero tinto 2018 It sells for around 21 pounds from Tanner’s and a number of

Other independent wine merchants i’m Going to put that list up In just a second this is my wine of the [Music] Week [Music] You