Review of Allan Scott Marlborough Pinot Gris white wine

Now some people still think of Marlborough as being a bit of a One-trick pony That pony being sauvignon blanc but in Fact although sauvignon blanc is still Incredibly important for melbourne for All of new zealand There are a lot of other varieties there Now which Are being planted and produced as really Good wines Things like pinot noir and riesling for Sure but also Pinot gris my wife week this week Is the alan scott pinot gris from Marlborough 2020 it’s for sale for around about 11 To 12 pounds it’s importer fine wine Direct dot quota uk Retail it also but so do a lot of Independent retailers List coming up at the end of the video So pinot gris the same grape as pinot Grigio from italy But the ones from marlborough tend to be Modeled slightly more on the alsace Style Which means slightly weightier maybe Slightly more serious wines But often as in this case with a little Touch of sweetness too So on the nose well Loads and loads of ripe pear fruit

Like really kind of quite luscious pear Fruit but edging into the tropical two Little bits of Mango little bits of lychee even a touch Of banana In there so quite fragrant quite um Interesting from that point of view and Then on the palette Well alan scott her vineyards just Across the road from cloudy bay Tend to make very commercial wines That’s not a criticism They’re ones that i think sell at a good Price and are very easy to drink This is no example a good texture in This A little bit of skin contact adding a Little bit of phenolic grip But really all about that luscious sweet Fruit that juicy nectarine that pear Backed up with some very good citrus in The acidity making it um Stylish and very easy to drink i think One of those really useful summer wines 13 Alcohol but good with fish and seafood Nice to sip in its own that touch of Sweetness means maybe with some Chinese cuisine it will work well too a Versatile wine This is the allen scott malboro pinot Gris It’s the 220 vintage sells for between Around 11 and 12 pounds and a number of

Retailers That list about to come up by wine of The week [Music] You