Review of Allan Scott Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc white wine

The sauvignon blancs from marlborough And new zealand Are enduringly popular they’re not Everyone’s cup of tea but those very Vivacious Bright bold unoaked white wines Are such a favorite with so many people And i love the malpur sauvignon blanc Too now it so happens that 2020 the Previous vintage marlborough is rated as One of the best Ever by all the winemakers i’ve spoken To who will work down there You know perfect vintage perfect vintage Conditions Very healthy crop of grapes and making Some outstandingly good wine so 2020 Definitely a vintage to be on if you Love Marlborough sauvignon blanc this Particular example Is the allen scott marlborough sauvignon Blanc 2020 now it’s only about three months Since i featured another one of alan Scott’s wines of pinot gris And but this is just one that i’ve come Across as one of a couple of examples Recently Which i think are probably the best of Examples of this wine that i’ve tasted From this producer Really vivacious really bright i mean

The wine Bursts from the glass aromatically There’s kind of Peach and mango and guava all sorts of Exotic fruit cocktail a little bit of The kind of green herbaceous character That people love Sauvignon blanc a little bit of that Slightly grassy note But really about punchy punchy fruit Then on the palate super Juicy super ripe mouth-filling fruit A glorious drink but the acidity very Good too of course the crucial thing That makes a wine Highly drinkable is it’s balanced so the Wine Is um around about a 12.99 A retail price there’s a few people have It on offer at the moment Nd john a welsh merchant has it for 9.99 Great grog company has it for a living Quite and so on so shop around a little Bit But it’s a cracking wine from a great Vintage and remember that 2020 Marlborough sauvignon blanc this is my Wine Of the week [Music] You