Review of Alpha Estate Malagouzia ‘Turtles’ 2021 White Wine

Foreign State is our one of the wineries in Greece which represents I guess the new Face of Greek wine making and state of The art Winery up in the northern part Of Mainland Greece And making waves with Technical expertise but also with a Respect indigenous grapes and Indigenous Wine Styles this particular wine which I’ve chosen as my wine of the week is The alpha estate Malagosia 2021 it comes from a single video The Vineyard is called turtles because in Fact the vineyard area is also a Breeding ground for Turtles and they are Protected by the estate as part of the Kind of ecosystem of their Vineyard it’s 100 malagazia a great variety that was Thought to be extinct but was Rediscovered Um 20 30 years ago replanted and has now Become established again as a Traditional and very very interesting Greek grape variety On the nose Well it certainly has something of the Floral side to it not quite as Pronounced as I give it stamina or a Toront test for example but there is That little kind of Jasmine like Certainly floral leafy green Arabic and A note there that’s very attractive and

As well as that quite a kind of Succulent fruit quality kind of lime Maybe maybe a little bit of very ripe Pear on the palate Well one of the things I like about this Is It’s texture It’s quite a nice kind of silkiness to The texture but lovely kind of clarity We’re talking about white fruits you Were talking about white peach you were Talking about those kind of um very Clean flavors but not Too acidic nice kind of ripeness and Sense of generosity good acidity too to Balance and I can have a really pleasing Mouth full of wine broadly food friendly Certainly efficient Seafood would go Down very well with this as would Something maybe like some something made With feta cheese or halloumi maybe yeah That’s like you know waxness would go Well with this wine Uh so my wine of the week uh for sale From a number of people if you buy it as Cheap as that about 12 pounds if you buy It by the six bottle case but if you’re Buying single bottles Prices between around kind of 1450 and 16 pounds for this stockists include Maltby and Greek hick wine Merchants Quite a few lists coming up just at the End of the video My wine of the week is the alpha estate Malagazia

2021 Turtles Vineyard for sale around About 15 pounds from a number of Stockists it’s my wine of the week [Music]