Review of Altosur 97-point Malbec from Argentina

Foreign [Music] Week this week is made by the flying Winemaker Misha Roland a very famous French winemaker who is makes wine all Over the world or consults with wineries All over the world but he is kind of Synonymous also with Argentina where He's worked for decades and where he has His own project called cluster losieti But he is consultant for this one too This is the alto sir Malbec 2021 from Guelary in the uku Valley of Mendoza one Of the top spots from Malbec this Vineyard cited at 1 200 meters altitude And perhaps most remarkable thing about It is that the wine Bears a sticker from Decanter magazine awarding it 97 points Out of 100 yet the price is only 12 Pounds 95. now and that kind of um Pounds per Point basis that makes it on The face of it a great bargain I'm Slightly skeptical always about these Big wine competitions and about these Big tasting panels but I have to say I May not have awarded this 97 points Myself in fact I wouldn't have but it's A really good wine at 12.95 for me Represents outstanding value so it has All the Malbec traits That is it has a little bit of violet a Little bit of a floral echo in there Somewhere but apart from that a Sumptuous deep black fruit we're in the

World of damson and blackcurrant and Blueberry here lots of depth lots of Richness as well as that kind of Chocolatey Sheen to this one the quality Of Oak Barrel is very nice on the wine In the mouth It's so smooth it's so juicy It moves from that very very juicy Bursting fresh berry fruit into that Sumptuous kind of coffee and chocolate Depth the tan is very very smooth very Sophisticated the acid very nicely Handled the oak supporting everything Beautifully in a wine that is um you Know just perfectly pitched a cracking Example at this price uh what is the Alcohol it's 14 which is kind of typical For wines of this region Um great Banks per Buck I have to say it This is the altosur 2021 Malbec from the Uku Valley in Argentina and it is my Wine of the week [Music]