Review of Andrew Peace Shiraz from Australia

My ones week this week falls into the Cheap and reasonably cheerful category This is the andrew peace 2021 shiraz it’s in the co-op at five Pounds 75 per bottle Now I’ve banged on before about how little Wine you actually get in the bottle if You’re paying five or six pounds for it It’s simply a matter of economics the British government takes two pounds 25 On duty for every single bottle of wine On the shelves then you’re paying vat as Well another 20 of the price and once You take all that into an account a 5 Pound 75 wine like this Might have 50 pounds worth of wine Actually in the bottle the rest is eaten Up by taxes the import costs the Profits that the retailers and Wholesalers have to make So having giving it the big kind of Build down uh i’ve chosen this wine Ahead of its chardonnay partner also in The co-op at 575 which i didn’t really Care for very much because it is pretty Much a straightforward juicy summer bbq Glugger that does a decent job on the Nose Bright berries some cherry some Cranberry here um it’s a wine with quite A light color it’s not a big heavy Saturated heavy wine i don’t know if it

Sees any oak at all and certainly won’t Be aged in barrels at that price And in the mouth Well juicy enough there’s a little bit Of kind of coffeeish character Underneath bright berry fruit A little bit harsh but then that’s what You’re getting for this kind of price Overall though it’s a juicy Glugable quaffable wine as i said you Wash down something from the barbie it Would do the job perfectly well at five Pounds 75 if that’s what you’re looking For My wine of the week is the andrew peace Shiraz 2021 from victoria in australia The murray region murray darling river Region and the price is 5.75 It’s my wine of the week [Music] You