Review of Angeline Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Califronia

California and cabernet sauvignon Are pretty much synonymous california Makes a lot of cab And makes it extremely well a lot of It’s very expensive but the wine of the Week this week is something that is Moderately priced and is absolutely Delicious This is the angeline vineyards cabernet Sauvignon 2017 It’s priced at 14.75 from the Andrews wine company who also trade Online But it’s in a lot of independent Merchants use the wine searcher links Below to search for the wine to find it In other merchants Or from andrew’s wine company so uh the Wine Cabernet sauvignon about 40 Of it aged in french and american oak Barrels and it comes from The coastal regions around sonoma in California The winery is actually based in sonoma But the designation of this Is california wide so it comes from Anywhere down that coast Further down towards paso robles for Example On the nose absolutely Fabulous kind of exotic lift patchouli Sandalwood all sorts of exotic fragrance

Here A rich thick blueberry and mulberry Sweetness to Black fruit oozing from the glass early Is A throwback to the my memories of great Cabernet sauvignon from california the First time i tasted it And on the palate Are more of the same it’s kind of Sumptuous stuff Flooded with fruit that weight of black Ripe juicy succulent fruit Nice oak not overdone but giving a Lovely kind of vanillin Chocolaty edge to this and very smooth Tannins making it easy to drink And good juicy acidity it’s a wine with A bit of structure it will sell for a While But it is irresistibly delicious Delicious now This is the angeline vineyards cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Priced at 14 pounds and 75 bottle Per bottle from some andrews wine Company and From other independent merchants it is My wine Of the week [Music] You