Review of Aquiline Sauvignon Blanc wine from South Africa

[Music] [Music] Thank you Friends of mine who are very much into Their wine talk about seller Defenders And what they're meaning is wines which Are really reliable but which don't cost Very much which you can reliably just Pull from the shelf and have a bottle When you don't want to raid your really Good stuff and I think this one counts For me is a seller Defender priced at Seven pounds 99. this is the aqualine Sauvignon blanc from South Africa is the 2022 vintage and it's for sale at seven Pounds 99 from though There are a number of other suppliers of The wine all around that kind of seven Eight pound mark So the wine itself is a sauvignon blanc Most of the fruit comes from French hook The valley in South Africa and it's made By a company called butanoo so it's a Brand of batuno a British company whose Source and make and Supply a lot of Wines this one 100 sauvignon blanc has To say most of the fruit from Franschhoek although it's a Western Cape Designated wine On the nose Well they've done that really nice job It's not too aggressively sharp and Green and herbal at all it's much more European in style than that much more

Loire like I think maybe touring Sauvignon for example nice little bit of Peachiness nice little bit of lemon very Attractive very Inviting I guess is the word to use for The wine on the palette Only 11 and a half percent alcohol here But it has real kind of texture Creaminess spends five months on the Leaves getting that little bit of extra Texture and creaminess But the flavor stay pin Sharp Quite a little bit of nice fruit Sweetness without being a sweet wine and Good acidity too so it's a kind of Creamy pasta Basher you could have it With fish you could have it with a bit Of chicken you could have it with lots Of things and that's what makes it a Seller Defender a reliable inexpensive Wine to pull from the Shelf whenever you Feel like a glass This is the aqualine sauvignon blanc 2022 Priced at seven pounds 99 from and other stockists uh And it's my wine of the week [Music] [Music]