Review of Argento Artesano Organic Malbec Cabernet Franc red wine

Foreign [Music] Company of Argentina at one time I think Was owned by our associated with Katina But no longer it's on its own now but It's also the biggest supplier of Organic certified wines from Argentina Including this one this is the Argento Artisano organic Malbec Cabernet Franc 2021 and it sells for 10 pounds per Bottle in Sainsbury's stores online in Sainsbury's and it's in 400 of their Stores so quite widely available and now It's interesting that the wine aged note Barrels by the way French and American Oak but it has a real kind of aromatic Lift from the Cabernet Franc component Which is 30 of the blend on the nose You do get that leafiness that kind of Green olive Savory tap and add kind of Character from it As well as that the oak underpins with Quite a lot of kind of smoky chariness And there's a solid plummy black fruit Quality too so it's an attractive wine On the nose as I say the cabinet front Making a making a real difference I Think then on the palette Foreign Loads of fruit sweetness here loads of Kind of ripeness and richness Uh glossy black cherries black currant Lots of ripeness underpinned Again by The Oak and very good acidity here

Although the tannins are kind of supple And suede-like there are enough there Just to give it a little bit of grip and I think the wine finishes with both kind Of Elegance and lots and lots of flavor And I'm actually really impressed by This wine Um for 10 pounds I think it's a very Good buy it's very nicely made and nice To see something that just Twists the kind of Malbec and Argentina Story a little bit Um this is the Argento artisano organic Malbec Cabernet Franc 2021 vintage in Sainsbury's at 10 pounds and my wine of The week [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]