Review of Argento Finca Altamira Organic Malbec 2019

So i’m not a great believer in these Special days for wine grape varieties For grenache day and sauvignon blanc day And whatever else but uh 17th of april 2022 is apparently world malbec day so I’ve chosen a malbec as my wine of the Week This is the argento Finca altamira organic malbec 2019 It costs around 13.99 from All about wine an online retailer plus Vinvim has it i would put the retailers Again at the end of the video And the price as i say just around the 14 pound mark so this is from an organic Vineyard uh in the mendoza region but in A specific High altitude vineyard called finca Altamira so single vineyard wine And and Made quite carefully only around 60 of It aged in oak and that oak was larger Oak barrels not the small barriques so That it was not overlooked a lot of it Is about that very expressive Pure malbec fruit on the nose Well it’s very deep it is a kind of um Shiny kind of plum and cherry Sheen to this the oak’s not giving an Awful lot of uh That kind of toasty character it just Gives that kind of sheen that polish and There is a little bit of that lifted

Violet aspect of malbec which is always So appealing and that works very well in This wine big wine 14.5 alcohol On the nose And in the mouth it stays in that um Pure kind of driven quite clean and lean Character Lots of polish lots of finesse here The fruit stays very composed very sweet Through the mid pilot but then quite a Tight tanning kind of support comes in As well as good acidity to give that Gastronomic finish you know famously Malbec for meat malbec for a steak or For a piece of lamb wouldn’t argue with That And i also make a very interesting Easter wine if you’re having some lamb For easter This is the Argento uh finca altamira single Vineyard organic malbec 2019 Priced at 13.99 per bottle from all About wine and it is my wine of the week [Music] You.