Review of Banfi La Pettegola Vermentino white wine from Italy

White wines from tuscany Are relatively rare compared certainly To the reds the great reds of chianti And the super Tuscans and so on and but there is a lot Of white wine made And a lot of it made from the grape Vernachia but in this case we have a Vermintino this is the banfi Vermentino 2019 And it sells for 12 pounds 99 and bonker Fine wines Now um that’s a really good price for it As far as i can see other people are Selling it for Around 15 some even for 17 and 18 pounds But uh certainly bonker fine wines have It advertised At 12.99 at time of review So vermentino a great variety that is Found in sardinia and in the south of Italy more often than here In um in the tuscany area and although Banfi is based in montalcino and inland Area The grapes for this mostly come from the Coast from a place called the maremma Down in the coast of tuscany that maybe Helps give it some of that kind of um Island feel you know the seaside Affected feel Certainly on the nose it’s a really Nicely

Perfumed wine talcum powder and a little Bit of kind of Lemon rind or lemon skins A little bit of a floral aspect to it as Well as very Fresh crisp fruit and very attractive Nose quite subtle but attractive And then on the palate Well like a lot of italian white grapes From the central part of italy bernarci And verdicchio It has that combination of power and Intensity And delicacy more of that subtle lemon Sherbet and floral and talcumic in a Character But if peachiness comes through but then Lovely Salty mineral acid that kind of carries It through to the finish Giving it a crisp finish Really interesting wine nice wine again Uh you know It’s it sips very well for summer but Would be great with Shellfish i would think and seafood Particularly would work really well with This This is the banfi vermentino 2019 The cuvee is called la pategola And it’s on sale at 12.99 in bonker fine Wines A number of other retailers slightly More expensive coming up

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