Review of Banfi, Rosso di Montalcino 2018 red wine

For many people chianti will be the Epitome of an italian wine and a wine From Tuscany but there are other appellations In tuscany apart from chianti and Chianti classical One of the best is the from the Vineyards around the hilltown of Montalcino And there we get two wines basically we Get brunello de montocino Which is one of the most expensive wines Off tuscany Regularly 50 pounds a bottle or more for A good brunello But then the little brother of brunello Made by the same producers Is the rosso di montoccino that’s what i Have for us this week This is the banfi rossi di montoccino 2018 vintage now it’s for sale from Quite a lot of retailers including mr Wheeler And majestic at around 1999 Majestic do have it on one of their buy Six prices Of 16.99 but be aware that The vintage may change in some stores From 2018 To 2019 which i haven’t tasted So uh the grape is sangiovese the Sangiovese grosso the

Same grape basically that dominates in Chianti too And here in this wine a real kind of Earthiness a plumbing earthiness to this A little bit of tobacco There’s also you have to work quite hard Today it’s quite a closed intense wine There’s a little floral hint in there Too it’s all really quite appealing but Savory dark then on the palate A rich deep plummy Quite a smooth wine although there is a Little aggressive kind of Edge to the tannin and acidity that Cherry-ish acidity which is so Italianate And that suggests to me that you might Want to decant this if you’re going to Drink it now or celery for a year or two But it’s an intense and concentrated Wine with that Kind of earthy depth and savory Character This is the banfi rosso de montoccino 2018 vintage for sailor around 1999 In mr wheeler majestic a number of other Retailers A little list will come up on screen and It is my wine Of the week [Music] You