Review of Banrock Station Sustainable Bottle Merlot

[Music] I guess the most Interesting thing about my wine of the Week this week is not so much the stuff In the bottle but the bottle around the Stuff because this is the first time a Uk mark Supermarket has uh carried this unique Plastic flat very eco-friendly bottle Um i’ll tell you a bit more about that In a second but the wine itself Is the ban rock station merlot 2020 And it sells for seven pounds 50 in the Cooperative At the moment they are the only Supermarket carrying the wine So the packaging it’s made from recycled Plastic And is completely recyclable it’s also Weighs only around 63 grams so about Only about 85 87 of a standard glass Bottle and in packaging terms it takes Up about a quarter Of the volume of a glass bottle when It’s being shipped So for all those reasons of Recyclability lightness and ease of Shipping And it extremely eco-friendly which of Course would appeal to the co-op which Is a Supermarket chain with quite strong eco Credentials too Um stuff in the bottle is a merlot from

The riverland region Of australia and on the nose Um some vanilla some dustiness I got a soft strawberry quality to this As well as kind of summer Pudding fruits um it tastes it’s going To be very commercial very easy to drink And Indeed there’s a lot of sweetness here Too sweet for me But it is i guess a crowd-pleasing style Imperceptible tannins decent balancing Acidity That little bit of oak probably not Barrels probably Staves or chips but that little bit of Oak does round out with the vanilla Again And it’s easy drinking barbecue friendly Spag ball friendly stuff in some ways i Wish they’d put something a Bit more ambitious inside this bottle But it’s there It’s 750 in the co-op The ban rock station the sustainably Packaged merlot Here and it is my wine of the week You