Review of Barbadillo Pedro Ximenez Sherry wine

Pedro jimenez Or px is one of those grape varieties in One of those Wine styles that tends to get Recommended only around christmas And easter because the wine a sweet Sweet Sherry goes so well with Chocolate and with those rich christmasy Kind of puddings and desserts But here we have one which i think is a Great wine for Sipping maybe instead of dessert or Indeed for having whenever you have a Chocolate or sticky toffee or a richer Fruit Pudding and at a very good price And able to be stored in the fridge for A good couple of weeks without going off I think it’s a really nice wine to Recommend this is the barbadillo Pedro human f this full 75 cl bottle Is for sale in a number of independent Retailers for around about 12 pounds 99 So you know it’s not a one that’s going To break the bank and it is of superb Quality the grapes the pedro humanist Grapes are dried in the sun To raising the grapes and then the wine Is made in this fully sweet Fully luscious style there’s this lovely Kind of tawny mahogany color And in the nose it’s absolutely gorgeous

It’s like Um sultanas and raisins maybe soaked in A little bit of Rum a lovely kind of orange peel lick There too Something a little bit like clove to a Kind of christmasy spice All in all a really beguiling kind of Aroma then on the palette Well it’s as glycerin thick as engine Oil Has superb sweetness i mean a gorgeous Again it’s all those kind of plump Sultana kind of Flavors hinting at chocolate hinting at Bitter marmalade orange civil orange but With excellent acidity Always the key excellent acidity running Through this To give it a freshness in the finish too Ready to take another sip It’s a terrific example of a px at a Very good price Widely available in independent stores I’m going to put a list just at the end Of the video And this is my wine of the week You