Review of Barren Sands, Palomino 2018, wine from South Africa

Something that certainly qualifies as a Little bit unusual this week for my wine Of the week This is the baron sands Palomino 2018 it comes from the western Cape in south africa And sells for 21 pounds of bottle from Wood winters The wood winters have shops in scotland But also a very good website where you Can order and have the wine scent Anywhere in the uk So palomino it’s the great grape of Sherry of dry sherry in particular And if you think of those very dry Styles the manthineau and the pheno Styles That is palomino which grows which or Rather which is Raised which is matured under a layer of Something called Floor the floor is a yeast that grows on Top of the wide end barrel or tank And protects the wine from oxidizing but Also gives a very interesting yeasty Character to it Now in a sherry the wine is then Fortified it has spirit added to it to Raise up the alcohol But in this case the wine still grows Under floor But there is no spirit added so we have A very light

Fresh palomino underfloor but with only 10 and a half percent Alcohol it is aged in oak barrels but That doesn’t dominate the nose here at All The first impression it’s definitely That kind of lightly Bready yeasty kind of character of the Floor for me A real salty touch to this too bright Lemony fruit a little bit of the oak Coming through just a second a nutty Background A very appealing nose on the pallet Again it has that sherry-like Quality but without the alcohol and Without the ultra dryness Of some of those phenos and marathoners It has quite a charming Bright lemon and apple fruit it has a Little bit of that Nutty oak underpinning it but more than Anything Else it’s about that freshness the Breadiness the yeastiness That slightly saline ozone character of The wine And which comes through really well from The grapevines which are Planted on sand close to the coast As i say something a bit different it’s Complex But it’s also subtle so don’t look for The fireworks just look for an

Intriguing complexity in this wine This is the barren sands it’s a palomino 2018 It’s foreseeable at 21 pounds a bottle From wood winters Other independent stockists have it too I’ll put a little list of those at the End of the video It’s my wine of the week [Music] You