Review of Bella Luna Nero d’Avola red wine from Australia

Now nero davila is a great variety from Sicily that has been in a bit of a role Recently people have been really Enjoying the variety so it has become Popular from sicily but increasingly From around the world where it’s being Planted too Our example is the bella luna nero Davila 2008 It comes from victoria in australia and It’s for sale for 11 pounds and 15 pens From the great grog company They have stores in edinburgh but also Deliver nationwide from great So um the wine is made by a company Called mcpherson wines a big company you Have this italian at range called bella Luna it’s also got fianna and prosecco And all sorts of things in it Um but this is sourced from their own Vineyards in victoria And spends a little bit of time in Contact with oak the wine itself Has lovely a really kind of lifted Cherry kiers-like kind of aroma very Buoyant combination of black curranty Ripeness and that more red fruited Cherry character but very fragrant too a Little floral aspect to it and very very Appealing nose Then on the palate Well again it’s lovely there is a Creaminess to the texture

There is some tannin although it’s a Very gentle tanning there’s very good Acidity but it’s that very buoyant fruit That opposite of a kind of heavy Ponderous wine so one with a lot of life And agility about it and a smooth Appealing richness too it given broad Crowd-pleasing And food-friendly appeal everything from A chili corn carne or a spag ball chill It slightly In the fridge for 15 minutes have it With a tuna steak quite a versatile wine From that point of view too This is the bella luna nero davila 2018 Comes from australia and it is For sale for 11 pounds and 15 pence per Bottle from great grog dot co dot uk it Is my wine of the week [Music] You