Review of Bila-Haut Cotes du Roussillon Villages 2020 red wine

[Music] I wanted a week this week from the Russian area deep in the south of france And it’s a wine made by michel chaputi a Very well-known winemaker from the rhone Valley this one from the russia Further south and west than the ruin but Using similar grapes syrah grenache Karina in this blend This is the billa oate Rouge 2020 As i say it comes from the russian Region and it’s for sale for 12 pounds And 15 pence in length weights also Noble green wines and there are a few Other strawberries of the wine that i’m Going to put just at the end of the Video So chaputtier bought this estate quite Some time ago And as i said the wine this particular Cuvee the bill of oat is not aged oak Barrels so it’s all about the kind of Freshness of the fruit on the nose Well a nice kind of bright kirchen Cherry lift to this um something quite Kind of peppery and spicy too but mostly About red plums Bright bursting glossy cherries quite a Fruit-filled nose in this wine then onto The palette Sweet fruit This is not to do with residual sugar Sugar left after fermentation

This to do with the Incredible ripeness of the food when Picked Bursting sweet berry fruit Quite a rustic layer of tannin beneath Just to give a little bit of grip Good acidity and again those little kind Of herbal and spicy nuances are there Too just to add an edge of interest It’s a big wine 14 alcohol but it’s like In a joyous explosion riot of Plump ripe fruit Great for the barbecue Also would be really good with a steak Perhaps um a really good big honest wine At 12 quid a bottle this is the Chaputtier bila oate rouge 2020 Comes from the russian france for sale In late weight and noble green wines and A few others around about the 12 pound Mark and my wine of the week [Music] You