Review of Bruce Jack Cinsault 1.5-litre bag-in-box wine

Bush jack is a very well-known winemaker In south africa And he has recently released a couple of Wines in Boxes uh one and a half liter boxes so The equivalent of Two bottles this one is a sanso 2019 Sanso comes from the western cape in South africa It’s normally 13 pounds in tesco but From Now until between christmas and new year I think it’s the 20th of december The price drops to 10 pounds so 10 Pounds for equivalent of two bottles Five quid a bottle I don’t recommend many five quid bottles These days i have to confess but this Is more than drinkable it’s a very Pleasant drink Of course great for parties should we be Allowed to have such a thing In this very strange year of 2020. So comes in the bag in the box format Stress is its equal credentials On the box the light weight packaging The recyclability and so on And it is true that these wines do pack And transport very much more cheaply Than bottled wines And of course because the bag in the box Seal

Kind of collapses as a vacuum as you Pour wine from it the wine does stay Fresh for several Weeks after you pour your first glass From one of these contraptions So the one itself unopened And really nice buoyant lift Cherry-ish fruit kind of red berries a Bit of a darker black Kind of licorice stripe in there too but Mostly about that Really quite vibrant vivacious fruit Which is nice to see And on the palette Easy drinking good fruit Decent balance has enough savoury impact To make it Food friendly also anything off the Grill would be great with this with Burgers with a chili curd curry with a Spag Ball all of those things um eminently Drinkable And if you buy it in tesco 10 pounds for The one and a half liter box i think It’s Extremely good value this is bruce jacks Sanso 2019 the price is 10 pounds Currently For the one and a half litre bag in box And it is my wine of the week [Music] You