Review of Cantina Goccia 3Q – wine in a paper bottle

Well i have to say that perhaps the most Interesting thing about this wine of the Week is the package We have a paper bottle it’s actually a Stiff car bottle it’s pretty solid Inside there’s a food grade plastic Liner so it’s basically bag in box But in the shape of a bottle a screw Capped on the top And the really clever thing about it i Think is that there is a button Just in the side here that when the Bottle is empty you press that button And the card and the plastic parts split Apart For you to recycle them at home without A trip to the bottle bank and without Adding to any Landfill and the package apparently Is about one-sixths the carbon footprint Of Glass in terms of manufacture and Transport and packaging and weight Now so a very interesting concept um Dallas recyclable And the stuff inside is quite Interesting wood winters who are Selling this wine have chosen Uh not one of the cheapest wines it is a Very Nice sangiovese-based blend uh From umbrea in italy from cantina gacha The wine is called three q and it’s the

2017 vintage So the wine a really nice lifted Cherry and currant kind of nose but very Very pleasant Quite a kind of serious edge to this Wine despite having lots of fruit With a hint that there’s a little bit of Structure and tannin in there too Then on the palette Well it is quite kind of buoyant and Mouth filling Lovely kind of lift to the fruit lovely Kind of juiciness of Red fruit and but as well as that there Is that little bit of structure That nip of tannin that stripe of Acidity That gives it a good savory appeal too Now the wine Priced at 12 pounds 50 um I think part of the appeal is certainly In the packaging and something unique But it is a recommendable wine and a Unique And who knows potentially planet-saving Solution This is my wine of the week [Music] You