Review of Catena, D.V. Catena Chardonnay 2019

The katina family Are behind the container range of wines From argentina Certainly one of the most prestigious Names in south america And do you know one of the most Prestigious wine names in the world Making some amazing wines fantastic Wines from their high altitude vineyards In mendoza and around mendoza just in The foothills of the andes mountains And this range the dv katana it’s a kind Of homage to the father of the current Owner nicolas katana At the dv container range 12 pounds each The chardonnay is my choice this week There’s an equally good day in malbec Also in tesco where this wine retails For 12 pounds per bottle so the dv katana Chardonnay 2019 Comes from various vineyards in Different sub-regions like agrello All around the mendoza region of Argentina Vineyards running from between around 950 metres To 1450 metres above sea level So we’re up well over three thousand Feet And the chardonnay aged in french oak or Part aged and french oak

Has that lovely kind of sheen of oatmeal And vanilla a lovely little kind of Almondy touch to it the oak is not Overdone in the nose Because the fruit slightly peachy melon Acre quality of fruit still comes Through very nicely And on the palate Well the oak certainly makes its Presence felt um This is a wine that is verging towards Looking a big golden buttery style But it’s restrained by the very good Acidity from those high altitude Vineyards You won’t miss the oak adding that kind Of vanilla and touch of toast But there’s a very good fruit running Through the center of the wine a real Kind of intensity of fruit Finishing with that lovely balance with The acidity too Has weight and texture so you can match This up certainly to most fish And most foul poultry would be great With this too And a very nice chardonnay unashamedly Oaked But not overdone this is the dv Katana chardonnay it’s 12 pounds from Tesco a part of the dv range which are Old in tesco And this is my wine of the week [Music]