Review of Champagne Nicolas Courtin Rose or Valentine’s Day

So It is valentine’s day in just about a Week’s time there’s a video being Published On monday the 7th of february And a lot of people do turn it’s a Cliche but a lot of people turn to Maybe something pink or something Sparkling or even better something pink And Sparkling for valentine’s day so that’s Just what i’ve got as my wine of the Week This is the nikola kurtan Champagne rosie brute now it’s in Majestic for 22.99 but if you buy it as part of a Mixed six Bottles from majestic any six bottles The price falls to 16.99 And you know that’s the kind of target Price for this one that’s i think where It offers really good value So nikola kurtan is not a person it’s Not a grower It’s just a brand an exclusive brand to Majestic But the champagne a blend of the classic Grape chardonnay pinot noir Pinot muni is really very nice as you Can see it’s quite a Deep rosy color for a champagne a lot of Them are very

Pale this one got quite a lot of depth To the color and that carries through Onto the aromas Lots of kind of small red berry Cranberry red currant those kind of dry Red berry scents but quite a nice little Bit of yeasty biscuity creaminess to This too That you don’t often find in rosy Champagnes and i quite like that On the palette Well there’s a sweetness here the Champagne is brute So it can’t have too much sugar in it But there’s a sweetness here that is Very easy to drink it goes along with That red fruit And soft but quite good balancing Acidity To give an easy mouthful for drinking Its own but because of that little red Fruit Bite of dry red fruit character could go Quite well with something like a piece Of poached salmon Too quite versatile from that point of View So my wine of the week is the nikola Kurtan Rosie champagne brute it’s in majestic At 22.99 but you should try and buy it At 16.99 if you’re putting together a Mixed six And it is my wine of the week