Review of Chateau de Clotte red Bordeaux

My wine of the week this week comes from Bordeaux and it comes from an Appellation called the cote d’ion which Is on the right bank of bordeaux so That’s close to pomerol and Saint-emilion made from very similar Grapes grown in very similar soils this Particular wine is the chateau de la Clot 2016 vintage and it’s for sale from a Company called from vineyards direct at 12 pounds 95 per bottle Now the wine itself is mostly cabernet Franc about 50 cabernet franc blended Along with melo and cabernet sauvignon So that is very very typical of these Wines from the right bank on those clay And gravel Limestone soils over there in bordeaux And the wine With six years under its belt of course Has a really nice nose kind of quite Plummy quite earthy There’s a tiny little herbal tang from That cabernet franc which is very Typical but then in the mouth It really becomes quite expansive that’s Partly to do with the Dark plummy fruit of the wine but also The tannins of something quite ripe and Quite fat and generous about them good Tannins good acidity so the wine has Plenty of kind of life and energy about

It But it has a kind of um Pleasing weight and roundness in the Palate too a very classy glass of Bordeaux for 12 pounds 95 a bottle i Have to say And Even with the six years that it has Already in bottle it will sell it for a Year or two more i think So my wine of the week is the chateau de Clot 2016 Uh from bordeaux and for sale at 12 Pounds 95 from the online company from it’s my wine of the Week [Music] You