Review of Chateau Ksara Reserve Red wine from Lebanon

Our wine of the week this week is a new Wine A brand new and aldi but please note it Is only available In all the online stores so it’s not in The physical shops you have to order it From Aldi online and the reason i’ve picked It is it’s quite interesting because It’s from Lebanon we still don’t see an awful lot Of lebanese wines This one from shattuckasara the Becca valley reserve red 2017 vintage A blend of sera cabernet sauvignon Cabernet franc And selling at nine pounds 99. so you Know having a lebanese Wine uh in aldi under a tenner Certainly the first time i’ve come Across it and worth the mention i think And the wine is very good um on the nose Well the aging in french oak barrels is Just smoothed things a little But it’s really about deep black fruit A little kind of pastel quality to this Little bit of kind of lift almost Violating the floral lift But very much fruit driven the oak just Supporting underneath And in the palate It’s good there’s juiciness to the fruit And the acidity

The tannins are very soft it has it over Three years um In the bottle and the tans are very soft So it makes it easy drinking yeah it’s a Little bit short it just kind of fades Away slightly in the finish But it’s a very pleasant drink very Pleasurable drink And it’s a very good clean fruity black Fruited example Of lebanon making a very fine wine At less than 10 quid a bottle so this is The shattuckasara Reserve red from the becca valley in Aldi online stores only at 9 pounds 99 And my wine of the week [Music] You