Review of Chateau Moulin a Vent, Cru Beaujolais 2018

If you haven’t yet discovered the joys Of crew beaujolais then here’s a wine That i think might be utterly convincing If you try it this is the chateau de Moulin avon Mullen avon 2018 and it’s priced at 17 pounds per Bottle from the wine society and willem Is one of the crews of beaujolais there Are 10 crew villages basically villages Surrounded by vineyards in some of the Prime soils of beaujolais and at wine Lake this is not made like a beaujolais Nouveau it’s not made in that very Bubble gummy simple style this wine 50 year old vines up to 80 year old Vines From soils which are granite rich and Manganese so quite an interesting soil And aged for 18 months in oak barrels Only 60 of the wine went through the Fermentation of whole berries sometimes Known as carbonic fermentation or Maceration Um and so this is quite a different Style i would say much more akin to a Pinot noir from burkindie just further North than to what your impression of a Beaujolais might be if you’ve been Limited to tasting your bowl On the nose Firm Spices firm cherry kind of aroma

There’s just a little touch of that kind Of floral lift that the gammy grape Often gives but it’s all immediately Quite a serious wine a bit of kind of Polished oak in the background too and In the palette Again It’s taut it’s firm There’s a juiciness here there’s very Good fruit there’s a sweet rafter fruit But it tensions up it has the structure Given by that oak and some tannin and Makes a really gastronomic wine and i’ve Realized that the the producers suggest That this would go very well with a Pulley depress one of those fantastic Organic chickens With a truffle or with um Some some wild mushrooms and i have to Say that would be a terrific partner for It as with duck as with a lot of dishes So the wine is the chateau de moulin Avon Mullen avon 2018 for sale at 17 pounds Per bottle from the wine society and it Is my wine of the week [Music] You