Review of Classic South Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

My wine of the week this week comes from New zealand and it’s a sauvignon blanc But it’s not from marlborough the place The region of new zealand that many People think of is the kind of home of Sauvignon blanc in fact souvenirs made In lots of places in new zealand this Particular one comes from nelson a Really high quality area on the south Island of the twin islands of new Zealand and it comes from a family Estate called scythe estate one of the Kind of big players whose vineyards are All in the nelson area A very nice maritime area with lots of Cooling breezes from the ocean down There This Particular cuvee is the classic south Sauvignon blanc 2021 and it’s exclusive To waitrose at 10 pounds 99 but until The 12th of july 2022 You can buy it for 8 pounds 49 And i guess it’s one of those wines that Will be on promotion quite regularly but Um 849 certainly makes it a buy in my Book So the aromas Well they’re not too different from what You might expect from marlboro in that There’s a kind of pea body freshness to This but also lots of lychee and mango

That can really ripe quite tropical Fruit character then on the palate A lovely clarity quite vivacious And there’s a lovely streak of a kind of Um Fat lemony character to this it’s not a Tight or aggressive acidity But it’s very very pure and very sharp It’s got a real kind of running mountain Stream freshness to it and the palette Does have that lovely balance Of the sweet ripe quite generous fruit But firmed up by the acidity somewhere Between lemon and lime And gives it a very nice gastronomic Finish with enough acid uh to match with Shellfish and fish for sure A caesar salad if you’re having this Summer Very nice versatile wine My wine of the week is the classic south Sauvignon blanc Uh made by the seyfried family but Exclusive to waitrose on offer at the Moment at time of review at 8 pounds 49 And My wine of the week [Music] You