Review of Colin-Bourisset Fleurie Cru Beaujolais wine

Well today the 22nd Of march 2021 as i published this wine The week video Lidl starts one of its regular wine Tours in store These special parcels of wine which are Brought in and sold On a basis of when it’s gone it’s gone Uh and The one that starts in the stores today 22nd of march 2021 and i’ll be tasting another Five wine sauce half dozen in total from The range I’ll be publishing that tomorrow on I’ll put the link down below and that Will be there From tuesday the 23rd meanwhile here’s The one that i’ve chosen as a really Good example Of uh for me one of my favorite wines From the tour This is the 2019 flurry From colin bury set and it’s on sale As part of the wine tour at seven pounds 99 Per bottle so flurry is one of the Beaujolais crew villages In other words it’s a named village Which is allowed to put its name On the label doesn’t actually need to Put beaujolais on the label but this one

Says a crew of beaujolais and those are 10 regions 10 based around Villages which are the best vineyards of Beaujolais and historically have been Allowed to claim that on the label So a 100 gamey of course And on the nose it does have that little Hint of Can a lipstick and watercolor paint box Classic gammy that’s been through Something called partial carbonic Maceration to give a soft Elegant fruity style very appealing Quite a lot of cherry red fruits in There too And on the pallet Well it’s bursting with fruit you know This is a really Kirsch like cherry fruit forwards fruity Style Absolutely delicious i have to see and It’s backed up with a nice Creaminess of texture and a creaminess To the tannins too Tannins are quite elegant quite gentle But the balance of the acidity is the Other thing that makes this wine Terrific Very easy to drink very delicious and a Really good example of crew beaujolais At a knockdown price of seven pounds 99. These wines really nice with uh wild Mushrooms really nice with something Like a duck breast also

And maybe with a cherry sauce would be Heaven um But a fine example from little’s wine Tour look out tomorrow for my rest of my Recommendations This is the colin buddha set flurry 2019 Priced at 7 pounds 99 as part of little Spring 2021 wine tour and it’s my wine of the Week [Music] You