Review of Cune Rioja Reserva 2018, red wine from Spain

Foreign [Music] [Music] From a very traditional house very very Good house called cvne and this Particular bottling is the Cooney Reserva Rioja 2018. now the wine is in Majestic and Waitrose you’ll also find it and check The vintages we also find it in Sainsbury’s and on Amazon and a number Of other places priced at around about 13 to 14 pounds The wine itself Um comes from New York obviously it Spent 24 months in Oak barrels French And American Oak some of the French Barrels are brand new and it’s mostly Temporary but 85 temproneal along with Local varieties like graciano and Mazuela How does it smell and how does it taste Well on the nose It’s very kind of dense and quite Serious it suggests a kind of sinewy Seriousness here black fruit for sure Black cherry I would see Plus a kind of tobaccoy spice a little Bit like a polished wood kind of Aroma Coming from it and quite classy I have To say and in the mouth Well there is firm there’s quite a lot Of structure here There’s good acidity there’s good

Tanning there’s plenty of fruit it’s Like biting into a kind of Bitter Sweet Black Plum And again it’s juicy enough before that Kind of tobacco spice of the oak Underpins I think this is a wine that’s Best at the moment taking with food Taken with a bit of protein basically Um or I would sell through it for a few Years it’s going to take celery and it’s Stride if you have decent conditions for It My wine of the week is a classic it is The Kuni Reserva ryoka 2018 is priced at Around about 13 pounds to 14 pounds in Majestic and waitrose other stockists Coming up and it is my wine of the week [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]