Review of de Bortoli, 17 Trees Pinot Grigio 2020 wine

The family-owned De bortley company is one of the great Names of australia based in the yarra Valley in victoria and i’ve enjoyed Their wines over Many many years this is quite a new Range from them called the 17 Trees range named because they have a Replanting program That means that the australian bush has Been replanted with Native species by the company as part of A kind of ongoing effort and Some of the proceeds from this wine go Towards that Effort and there’s a shiraz in the range Too Which i wasn’t so keen on i’ll be quite Honest but i really quite enjoyed this 2020 Pinot grigio the de bortley 17 trees Pinot grigio 2020 for sale in waitrose Now it’s nine pounds 99 and i confess Uh that uh when i tasted this wine it Was on a special offer at 6.99 and that’s when i decided to make It a wine of the week Um is it worth 9.99 i have my doubts About that to be absolutely Honest but if you see it on offer at 6.99 or in one of waitrose regular

Buy six get 25 off promotions Then it’s very much worthwhile because It’s a lovely little wine So the wine pinot grigio unocked on the Nose Nice kind of floral lift to this lovely Light Peach downy fruit very appealing Has a bit of character which pinot Grigio doesn’t always And in the mouth Nice and dry a nice lemony acidity that Kind of streaks through it keeping it Fresh But that peachiness that softness in the Mid palette makes it very easy to drink Too And a wine that is um sippable for sure Relatively low in alcohol at 12 But also has the acidity to be a decent Food wine to Lighter pasta dishes creamy pastas Risottos Fish and seafood maybe cream cheese is All good with this wine The wine is the de bartelli 17 trees Pinot grigio 2020 on sale In waitrose at nine pounds ninety nine Pence but as i say Look out for a deal this is my wine Of the week [Music] [Music] You