Review of Dillions Vineyard Rosé 2020 wine

Well i think there’s still time for one More rosie this summer surely And all i have is i think it’s a little Beauty it’s a brand new wine from England from sussex in england this is The dillian’s Vineyard rosie 2020 And made from pinot noir and on sale From the dillian’s vineyard website It was 18 pounds of bottle which was Quite pricey But honestly um the quality is terrific And you do pay a little bit of a premium For english wines at the moment just Those Very high production costs of farming in The south of England so and dylan’s vineyard a brand New Project their own vineyards planted in 2019 So it takes maybe three years or so for Vines to become really Good quality productive egg plants so i Dare say the fruit for this the pinon Web is probably purchased from somewhere Else And it’s made by a very good contract Wine making facility That’s a model that’s appearing more and More as people have established Grow the fruit but if someone else make The wine for them

Very common in new zealand and australia And really all over the world now And it’s how this one is made so um 100 Pinot noir as i say Very gently handled indeed a Lovely floral rose hip kind of nose A little bit of pomegranate a little bit Of small red currant kind of fruit But very very fragrant indeed and a Little bit of peach Too where it can peach down rather than The juice of a peach in some ways And on the palate It’s one of those lovely roses that is Feather light And although it does have a little bit Of sweetness to it Sweet in terms of fruit certainly There’s a lovely acidity too a kind of Slightly Pithy lemony acidity makes it finish dry And quite Gastronomic and really a lovely Rose wine in that pale provencal Style but done with the pinot noir done In england And done very successfully my wife’s Week Is the dillian’s vineyard pinot noir Rosie 2020 for sale at 18 pounds from The dillian’s vineyard website The website address just coming up it’s My wine Of the week

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