Review of Disznókö, Tokaji Dry Furmint wine from Hungary

This Noko is one of the great names of tokai In eastern hungary Famed historically for its wonderful Sweet wines it’s Truly uh sweet but right has affected Dessert wines But a lot of the producers over there Are now making dry Wines too from the same grapes that go Into sweet tokai Especially the grape fur mint this is an Example from The top estate of des noco this is the 2019 Ferment it’s for sale for between around 14 pounds 50 and 15 pounds and a number of Retailers including A caddo but also i’m going to put a list At the end of this Video because there are um there are a Dozen retailers independent merchants Retailing this wine Around the same price so um Bone dry wine and a wine that is made in A really kind of Gossamer light style on the nose There’s a kind of saltiness and Intriguing mineral quality to this wine For sure And as well as that very fresh very Crisp fruit it’s all about christmas

Freshness The wine comes with one of these glass Stoppers which you may have seen before It’s known as the vinilock stopper So it’s kind of guaranteed against any Cork tint or oxygen into the wine To maintain that kind of pristine Quality of freshness And then on the palate Well there’s no kind of creaminess or Expansiveness about this why No oak nothing too kind of rich it’s all About that kind of direct Mouth-watering running stream clarity Of of the wine but very good flavor very Good fruit Fantastic fish and seafood wine yet Again but i found it very pleasant even As in a pair of teeth wine And this is the dis noco Ferment 2019 it’s for sale around about 1450 to 15 pounds From the list of retailers it’s about to Appear on screen It’s my wine of the week You