Review of Domain Fournillon Chablis 2017 white wine

Chablis In burgundy in the east of france is Without doubt one of the most Famous appalachians in france indeed in The whole world and for the crisp White wines that it produces big fans of Those all over the world As am i some of the nicest Chardonnay-based wine In the world when it’s done right it Tends to be quite low in Oak tends to be quite crisp and fresh a Little bit Mineral and it’s something that it Really fails to please Well in the week this week is a chablis This is the domain Furniture chablis 2017 It’s for sale in a number of independent Merchants including wood winters And around about 14 to 15 pounds of Bottle The 17 vintage is the one i’m tasting The 18 is also on some shelves So chablis famous for the kimerian soils Soil’s full of little oyster shells from Eons ago when this was covered by a Shallow sea this area of chablis This wine doesn’t particularly show the Character we associate with that which Is a lot of kind of flinty Salty mineral quality but it is pin Sharp

Based around those really fresh tangy Green apple and lemon flavors And there is a little hint of something A little bit kind of Wet river stoney dry mineral in there Too On the nose it really is all about Subtle but fresh fragrant apple And lemon and that’s the singing out Kind of node in this Only 12.5 alcohol too and on the palette Bone dry very kind of grown up style Nothing out of place excellent acidity Fruit staying in that very crisp precise Spectrum Doesn’t have the flint that you might Look for in a premier crew or grand cru Chablis But a great classic example of a wine of This Style this is the domain for neon Chablis 2017 Selling for around 14 to 15 pounds of Bottle List of merchants selling this wine Independent merchants About to come up it’s my wine of the Week [Music] You