Review of Domaine de Fondrèche, Persia Ventoux Rouge red wine

There are a number of really famous Appellations in the rhone valley in Central france Like chattanooga to pap or hermitage or Cutthroat tea But beyond those there are a number of Other appellations in their own right Which offer terrific quality Often rivaling those most famous names But with slightly lower prices Now one of those appalachians is vontu Uh famous for its red wines and for the Syrah grape And this is a great example this is the Domaine de fondresh Persia von tu rouge 2018 It’s for sale at 19 pounds and 99 pence From Cadman fine wines although if you buy a Mixed six Bottles from cadmium any six wines the Price of this one falls to 17.99 so Domain defund rush Domain which has really really impressed Me over the last few years There’s a white partner to this wine the Peugeot white which is Absolutely outstanding too could easily Have been my wine of the week but i’ve Chosen this syrah On the nose just a gorgeous Amalgam of fruitiness black fruit

Supple elegant plummy and cherry black Fruit A little bit of something like small Black berries in there giving that Bitter sweetness But also a lovely kind of sense of Earthiness a little sprinkle of Pepperiness in there too a very Appealing nose And on the palate Well it’s a it’s a beautifully grown up Style of wine And by that i mean it has plenty of Fruit plenty of that butter sweet plum Cherry skin even quite sweet Black currant fruit in there but to Balance all of that There’s a real stripe of tannin that Runs through this wine Giving it a dry meaty finish Lovely acidity pert and bright and the Overall Balance is all about like in a classy Structured But fruity wine which i think is a Fantastic food wine too And it’s delicious to sit to be honest With you but match it up With a really nice piece of lamb perhaps Match with any grilled red meats and It’s going to be an absolute beauty Because of that lovely Elegant gastronomic tannin and acid Structure

To support the fruit this is the Domaine de fundresce persia rouge Von tourrouge 2018 it costs 1999 or 1799 as part of a mixed six From cadmium fine wines and it is my Wine Of the week [Music] You