Review of Domaine de Tourelles Merweh and Obedei white wine

Foreign [Music] Week this week we take a trip to the Lebanon that intriguing Eastern Mediterranean country was such an Ancient winemaking tradition influenced By the French and making some really Interesting wines today this particular Wine is from a domain called domain de Torell owned by two Lebanese families But founded by the French a long time Ago And it's a blend of two varieties obedi And marijua from the 2021 vintage selling for around about 15 Pounds stockists include the great Grog Company Harrison Court or put any other Stockers I could find at the end of the Video So uh this is a vlvinia wine as it says On the label meaning it's made from old Vines that really means in this case the Melwa it's a 50 50 blend mirwa under Betty the mirror comes from 100 year old Vineyards in a valley a mountainous Valley just to the west of the famous Becca Valley the obedi comes from the Becca but again the vines are 50 years Old made with indigenous yeasts and Meeting concrete tanks no Oak in this Wine and on the nose Well it's quite an intriguing one Because it's not about fresh fruit it Reminds me of fruit skins much more

Lemon peel maybe melon rind a little bit Of a kind of orange Tang to this too but Very much kind of earthy very much in The natural wine style then on the Palette Well again it's bone dry searingly dry With a big flood of kind of lemony pithy Fruit More of that skin contact tissue kind of Character and finishing with a kind of Bracing fine lemon and salts acidity This is going to be a banker for things Like Mitzi or Tapas I think and it's not A wine if you're a big lover of the big Fruit bomb style if you want something That's kind of savory intriguing spiced And savory quite an interesting wine at Around 15 pounds a bottle This is the domain tutorial the alvinia Or old Vines marwa and obedi 2021 and it Is my wine of the week Foreign [Music] [Music]