Review of Domaine Montrose, Prestige Rosé wine

I was about to say there’s still time For one more rosie this summer but i Think i’ve actually used that line Before this year but it is true that Rosie is becoming a year-round drink for Many people it’s not considered just for The summer sunshine anymore and i’ve got A really nice wine here The domain monroes Prestige rose 2020 vintage it comes from The longadoc in the south of france not From provence although it’s made in a Provence style on sale for 10 pounds 87 Per bottle from just iranian brooks There are a couple of other sellers list At the end of the video So the wine um first of all it’s a Lovely package a lovely presentation and It comes stoppard with the vinilock Glass Stopper something a little bit Different quite an expensive way to Close a bottle of wine but it’s an Alternative to screw cap really it’s not A cork so it can’t be caught it can’t Let in any oxygen but it’s made from Glass just this little kind of rubber Seal and um It shows a little bit of kind of intent To make a quality wine i think that They’ve chosen to use it So the wine itself is mostly grenache With some serra and some raw or

Vermintino as it’s known in italy made In this cool pale Blush style quite a peachy tone to the Color and on the nose Well peach again actually there’s a Lovely kind of Peachy sweetness to this um not so much Into the strawberry something a little Bit kind of firmer a little bit tropical But also quite dry elegant citrusy also And on the palette Well bone dry Not much residual sugar at all here and Again it has that nice combination of Good fruits small red berries Cranberries red currants a streaking Lemony acidity going through that little Bit of saltiness of saline in the finish Just quite refreshing and gastronomic a Very nice rosie to Wind up the summer maybe move us into Autumn This is the Domain monroe’s Prestige rose 2020 for sale at 10 pounds 87 per bottle from just iranian brooks And my wine of the week [Music] You