Review of Domaine Romy Imperial Rosé from Beaujolais

I’ve been testing Lots of rosie over the past few weeks For my annual Rosy wine roundup that i publish each Summer And i’ll be coming up soon one of my Favorite wines was this one The domain romy pink Beaujolais 2020 now It’s for sale for around about 10 pounds You can buy it from Edencroft wines they are online And in nantwich and cheshire and another Number of other retailers selling it too So the wine is um made sustainably it’s Not quite organic it’s a thing called Vitus Terra which is like a halfway house Between organic And conventional farming but very Respectful of the environment It’s 100 gamey it’s from beaujolais and It’s made in this Very pale very peachy pink salmon Pink uh provencal style but a lot of Wines being made elsewhere in the world In that style feel a bit kind of Contrived this one doesn’t at all i Think it’s an absolutely delicious Example To say one of my favorites on the nose A lovely delicacy a little bit of kind Of

Summer blossom in there a lovely peach Down Softness of sweet fruit a little hint of Something mineral too gives it all that Lovely kind of fresh light but quite Succulent interesting character And on the palette Lovely really dry Finish is absolutely bone dry but before That we get a very Pretty fruit quality a little bit of a Small Red currant red berries character in There a little bit more peach But the whole thing kind of driven along By very good acidity Quite lemony quite zesty but that fits In beautifully with the whole picture It’s also 12 alcohol so a nice Summer uh drink in that respect too This is the domain romy Beaujolais 2020 it’s a rosy wine Obviously For sale for around about 10 pounds from Edencroft fine wines You’ll find them online plus a number of Other retailers This is my wine of the week [Music] You