Review of Don’t tell Gary Shiraz red wine

Foreign Which specifically celebrates a world Women's day in March 2023 it comes from Australia and this one comes from a Woman winemaker called Joe Nash Chief Winemaker and mother of four uh for McPherson Wines in the Victoria region Victoria state of South of South Africa Of Australia and so this particular wine Comes from the grampians region one to The west of the state with a little bit Of elevation not quite as high as the Scottish grampians but still some Elevation and it's made from Sira and The wine is called don't tell Gary Shiraz 2019. there's a story where it was true Or not that the winemaker Joan Ash found This plot of 30 year old very high Quality Shiraz grapes which were for Sale at a very high price so she bought Them without telling the company Accountant Gary so the wine itself it's A big wine and you know there's no doubt About that agents of French Oak lots and Lots of plushness lots of ripeness the Price is 16.99 from laith weights the Lathe weight's gonna group and if you Buy it as part of a mix 12 it's 13.99 And as always with such deals Leaf Weights are not the only ones who do it But the lower price is probably the Price to buy this at its good value at That price so 13.99 from lathe weights

Don't tell Gary Sira 2019 A big soaring Aromas a little bit of Eucalyptus a little bit of kind of um Bloodiness in there too which is a Typical Sea Rock Character a little Sprinkle of black pepper that's when the Nose for me and lots of black fruit in The mouth Plush Mouth filling Um pretty direct pretty straightforward Stick it with the barbecue I think gives Its ideal place but deliciously full and Ripe with good concentration and good Balance creaminess to the texture and Tannins and a very pleasing big mouthful Of Australian Shiraz This is the don't tell Gary Shiraz 2019 From Mcpherson wines for sale from lathe Weights at 1699 or 13.99 as part of a Dozen and it is my wine of the week Milk